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    Our judgement may go wrong but efforts will not be a waste.

    Most of us do certain actions or execute tasks in hope of achieving some result. There are always some expectations associated with our efforts. That is what keeps us motivated for sustained efforts. After completion of the activity sometimes we find that our judgement about the expected result of the hard work we had put was not commensurate with the actual outcome and we feel that we have unnecessarily wasted time, energy and efforts.

    I feel that sometimes our judgement might go wrong but the efforts we do and knowledge and experience we acquire in the process does not go waste. For example if a student is trying for some highly coveted competitive exam like IAS but does not get success it does not mean that what he learned has gone waste. There are many other exams where the same knowledge and learnings can be used and in many cases such students qualify in other exams. So knowledge acquisition and experience never go waste.

    What do the members think about this? Please share your views.
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    The knowledge which we acquire will not go waste. It is like a treasure and permanent asset of an individual. The person would have pursued the acquisition of knowledge with one purpose. Even though he is not successful the education and knowledge which he has acquired will be useful to him through out his life.
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    True. The knowledge we acquired and the efforts we put in two acquire knowledge will never go waste. It will be useful to you sometime somewhere. At least that experience will be useful for you in your future activities.
    One of my friends struggled hard to get a PO post in SBI. He had undergone coaching for the same in a good institute also. But he couldn't get it. At the same time, he applied for PO post in Andhra Bank. He fared well in written test and called for an interview and he faced the interview well and got a posting. He recently got retired as General Manager of the Andhra Bank.
    So one need not think depressed when the expected result will not come and should not think that he wastes his time and money. That knowledge will be useful somewhere or other in life.

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    Success or failures are the part of life. There will be good times and there will be bad and sad times. In any case what remains with us is the knowledge and experience acquired.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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