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    Request to unlock the edit option in the article section.

    I tried to republish my old article but the edit option is locked. I thought to improve the content and correct the grammatical mistakes and then republish them all. So in this context, I request the editors to unlock the edit option for my old articles. Further, my Google AdSense application has been rejected two times, the only reason I can see is my article may have some grammatical mistakes. So before applying again, I wanted to rule out every possible reason for the rejection. Henceforth, I request the editors to unlock all my old articles to fix the existing problem.
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    It is not possible for editors to unlock all your articles. You need to provide the specific URL of which articles you are going to work upon and wish to edit. Note that you should not republish old articles which have not generated any traffic as these will eventually be archived during the tuning process of old articles. It is suggested to create a StatCounter account and check. This can be done through your Dashboard page. Under the heading of Site Settings, there is a link to Configure Stat Counter to track the traffic to your articles.

    Further, please do not rely solely on the free Grammarly tool. The tool is not 100% perfect and often overlooks singular/plural errors and sometimes even suggests a word which actually is not fitting the sentence context. It would be a good idea to participate in forum discussions to improve English and writing skills. You have good topics, but need to work on the writing part. Avoid repetition of text as well. Be consistent in submitting articles and contribute to other sections also, not relying only on republished articles to get approval for Google AdSense. Focusing on quality should be your priority and once you have got a good number of quality contributions over the span of next three months at least, then you could apply again.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thanks for the reply ma'am. I will follow what you have said and will be consistent in posting articles.
    Change is the only constant.

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