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    People are more concerned about physical beauty rather than inner beauty.

    Largely in the society we get the impression that people are more concerned about their physical outlook than moral values , principles, honesty , sincerity, commitment etc., People are get attracted more to the physical outlook and they give lesser importance to the inner beauties.

    The concept of love and first sight, is again about the physical apsects. People are get attracted with the outer beauty of another person. When outer beauty does not match with the inner beauty the relationship fails.

    The outer beauty is temporary, but inner beauty is permanent. Therefore we should respect a person with inner beauties.
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    True. By seeing the physical appearance of a person we will get attracted. We can't understand the mentality of the person as soon as we see him/her. So we will get attracted by their appearance. But after moving with them for some time we will be able to understand the mentality of the person. If we feel that the behaviour of the person is not as per our liking we should forget about that person and who should leave him/her
    But many people who are not good in their physical appearance may be good in their nature. So if we come across people who are not physically good in appearance should not be left without any interaction. We should interact with them for some time and then decide to continue or not.
    We should not make any impressions just by seeing the person. Looks and appearance may be deceiving many times in our lives.

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    It is very true that on the first instance we always attract to the outer beauty or physical beauty. It is a natural trait in the humans. It is also a natural instinct. This attraction does not die out soon as it takes time to analyse and find out the inner beauty or inherent traits of a person.

    In the history we see many stories about the kings who have simply seen some princess of a kingdom and have neither talked with her nor familiar with her but decide to ask her hand in the marriage. That is an example of physical attraction.

    The actual nature is only known when you live with that particular person and find his or her true colours which might not be as attractive as the physical ones.

    Knowledge is power.

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    According to Mahatma Gandhi " If you see inner beauty, the outer will pale in to insignificance. That's the success story of many marriages in India.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    We are attracted by what we see and it is the physical appearance that we perceive and not the inner behaviour and nature. So the impression on us is the primarily of the outward beauty and not the inner nature of the individual
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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