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    Supreme Court admits a plea on women's entry into mosques.

    Based on a plea from a couple to lift the ban on Muslim women's entry into mosques, Hon'ble Supreme Court has admitted an application and issued notices to the Government and various other bodies. The Supreme Court has considered the plea based on its own judgment of Sabarimala Temple.

    The petitioners have also claimed that even in mosques though women are allowed, there are separate entrances and enclosures for worship for men and women as such the same is violative of Article 44 of the Constitution of India.
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    It is good at least the Court has considered the two religions equal. They have not given any special concessions to the other religious worship places. So they have considered here also in the same way. It should be appreciated. Let us see the outcome of the case.
    There are many Nationalists and Human right protection activists who supported the entry of Ladies into Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala. Those people should talk now on this issue also. Why woman should not be allowed into the mosques. Why special gated for them.
    Now the governing bodies of these places of worship have to come out with their stands and explain why they should not be allowed. The government also has to give its stand. Then the court will study the issue and come out with its judgement.

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    Law should be equal to everyone in the Country. It cannot be relaxed on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender. We appreciate the stand of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.
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    It is a good development and will have a progressive achievement in our country. Rules and regulations are above the religion and common to all. It is the duty of each citizen to abide by the directive principles of the country and its constitution and should also be ready to change oneself as per the needs of the country and its integrity. Religion is a personal matter to be observed in ones house for spiritual peace and happiness. It should never be connected to the politics. Those who are following their religion blindly will pay for it as their next generation will simply be ruined with this blindness.
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    It is good that supreme court has admitted the plea regarding the restricted entry of the muslim women in the mosques. I feel that many muslim women are progressive and want that this type of differentiation should not be there. Once court gives a clear verdict then it will pave way for easy access for them inside the mosque.
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    We cannot blame the temples and mosques prohibiting entry of women or making a special entrance and specific places to worship. It is the discipline and to maintain the sanctity of the place of worship. We don't want temples and mosques to be lovers park to play romance on the name of God.

    Our elders thought of this very well and followed it sincerely. We are trying to spoil the well-set discipline.
    Like the Hindus for Sabari Hills, there will be Muslims for mosques to fight the case against permitting women inside the mosque to sit and worship together.

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    The basic tenet of our constitution is to provide equal opportunity to all irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The apex court already said earlier that it is going to accept the pleas of the Muslim women regarding the ban on women's entry to mosques and it accepted the application. On the one hand, it is appreciable that the top court also thinks there is a logic in the application and hence accepted it and on the other, it is also unfortunate that Mr Sun has a strong reservation on that. During the judgement of the apex court on the entry of women in Sabarimala Temple, Mr Sun expressed his reservation and here also we see that he is not happy. Sorry for being too personal Mr Sun, why you are so biased? Do you worship God out of fear or love? What made you think that temples or mosques will turn into a lovers' park if women are allowed inside to worship there?

    There is no denying that religion is a business in India, yes, business and the business houses made some rules according to their own wishes. As a creator, how God can differentiate between a man and a woman? Why there are still separate rules for both genders?


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    The court has admitted a petition- means that pima facie the petition complies with the basic requirements and also there is some matter to be adjudicated and finalised.

    Now there will be various stages like giving affidavits, counter affidavits, objections, documentary and other evidences, arguments, citations and quotation and references of previous cases etc.
    Then (after years) after a verdict is out, the side which finds it favourable to them will rejoice and hail the verdict. Those who find it unfavourable will be protesting, taking marches, pressurising political parties, the legislatures and parliament etc. The political parties and politicians also will take stand based on their bulk vote and vote bank benefits.

    What we see nowadays is those who go vocal always do so. When some verdict is in their favour they hail the independence of courts; but when the verdict is not in their favour they cry that courts are under influence, judiciary is not impartial etc.

    Depending on the vote bank pressure and international pressure and reality situations even the government may make some new legislation. nullifying the court verdicts.
    This kind of happenings we have seen a lot and still seeing. We can be ready for more, that is all.

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    Let's see how the judiciary deals with this issue. We have seen what politicians have done with them. Very recently, Vijayan Government were trying to force women inside the Sabarimala Temple but at the same time didn't support entry of women in the Vavar Swamy Mosque.
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    There are two dimensions to the case. One is fundamental rights guaranteed under the provisions of constitution of India. The other is our custom and practices. In my opinion Courts should not interfere in such matters. But the court has already created precedence and now it cannot go back on its decision.
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    While I (as a Hindu)do not wish to go with my young wife or any other young lady to Sabari hills to worship Lord Sri Ayyappa, how do you expect me (as a Muslim) to go with my wife or any other women inside a mosque? I cannot apply butter on one eye and lime on the other eye.

    We need to follow certain things in our life, Our elders have said many things about what a man should do and a woman should not. We should follow it sincerely without questioning the reason for it.

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