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    I want to know about article acceptance process

    i am new on this site. i want to write article for this site but i have one question that is i want to know after submitting article when will know that weather my article is accepted or not .
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    Welcome to ISC and it is really good that you have interest in creative writing. You can go to the help section here and learn everything about this site but there are some basic things which I will like to explain here especially related to the article section.

    Writing articles is an art but for those who have a passion for writing and have a good control on the language and populate their article with authentic content, it is an easy thing. You must be aware of the quality and content of an article when you submit it in any site. Both these parameters are important for the acceptance of an article. Grammar, syntax and spellings are the most important elements of an article and if you have difficulty in that regard then you can use some application to correct them. 'Grammarly' is one such free app.

    In ISC, when you submit an article then three things can happen. First is it may be rejected. Second is that editor may ask you to correct it and improve it before resubmission. Third thing is it is accepted. There is no fixed time that it takes in these actions but generally you will get an intimation in your alert menu in the dashboard in 10-15 days time. Sometimes when there are a lot of submissions in ISC, it may take more time in acceptance of your article.

    So what I will suggest is go through some approved articles here and considering them as bench mark you can write articles and submit them here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    thank you for information

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    Welcome to this wonderful site for learning and earning. What are the various sections on this site and how to get acquainted with each section will be known once you go through the help section. Then you can go through the following article which will you the guidelines abut article postings on the section.

    The article once you have posted on the site it will go to new posting section. One of the concerned editors will go through the article. They can decide either to accept as it is or they may suggest some changes or they may reject. The rejection will be mainly due to copied content. You can't post even your article also which is published elsewhere. The Editors may ask you to make some changes and then you have to make those changes and resubmit again. Then they will go through decide on acceptance or any further changes. The total process may take 7 to 10days.
    You can try. All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Hello shital jogarajiyam, After submitting an article, editors will review it. And you will get the notification stating whether it is approved/ moved to pending state/ rejected. You can check the notifications in alerts.

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