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    Ads of products viewed in Online stores follow us in internet.

    Have you all experienced that the product which you have viewed in any of the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc., following you in your Email account or any other pages you visit in Internet.

    The technology has reached such a level that every movement , action of yours are being watched.
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    Yes. If we keep your smartphone on with you. Your moments are all caught by your cell phone. It will tell you the entire moment history. Wherever you go your cell will record your moments and the Google Maps will trace the places whatever you have visited. There is no privacy these days. We all should be careful when we operate our bank work online. If there is no cell phone you will not be traced by anyone.
    We are all getting addicted to the systems and hence we are keeping all our details on the system and this can be easily taken away by hackers. So be careful and don't keep many of the details about you on the computer. It may give you a serious threat.

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    It is known that many different sources are prying on us in internet and even the least harmless also extract may information about us from our internet activities. While many top ones use them for business activities and make their own profit, some put us into danger zone also.

    Though we cannot prevent or stop hundred percent of such extracting of information, some of the things we can do are:

    (a) Clear the history including cookies after we use such sites,
    (b) use ad-blocks,pop up blockers etc,
    (c) use a good and popular internet security software and keep it updated,
    (d) use some cleaning software,
    (e) give only the minimum and optimum permissions in web browsers and other software applications etc.
    (f) install extensions or applications or controls for Do Not Track

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    Yes, the internet is very smart these days. It tracks our preferences and shows us what we have viewed earlier. They keep a tab on the sites or advertisements we see and send us promotional information through e-mails. This is their business and everybody is following the same thing. As Dr Rao has mentioned in his reply @ # 663540, that Google Maps keep a track on our location, we can simply turn off the location when not necessary to avoid this.

    While many of you may have noticed that during the installation of new apps in our smart devices it asks for certain permissions like Contacts, Messages, Camera, Location etc and from the settings of the devices we can withdraw some of the permissions too. Mr Venkiteswaran in his reply has given some good points to remember and we must follow them and use the utmost precaution while sharing our personal details. Never share your personal contact number/mobile phone number in any social networking sites, otherwise, you may be bombarded with many spam messages.


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    Advertisement plays vital role in marketing of products. Therefore the advertisers make use of the technology to reach the customers.
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    Today we are in era of digital marketing. The business entity will try its best to showcase its items or your preferred items at the screen right in front of you in the smartphone or tablet or laptop. You will be surfing or working in the internet but these things will be coming in between or along the sides continuously to remind you that there are various products and services available in this world and whenever you get time you can see the details here itself and keep them in the online carts for ordering at a later stage. They do not want you to go to market and wander in a store and select the item and buy it. They will tempt you to complete the process right sitting in the comfort of your house with a cup of tea placed around.

    This is the age of aggressive and inviting advertisements as there is cut throat competition not only in the domestic market but in the global business scenario.

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    Yes, it happens. On the sites like Amazon and Flip cart when we view an item those products appear on these sites automatically on viewed items as well as on Facebook.

    Even when we do a search on policy bazaar for anything calls starts coming on our phone to buy policies. One gets frequent calls by the agents and it gets very tough for the people to attend such calls all the time.


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    The topic was discussed earlier in this thread - What is this? How they follow me?

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    We are having advertisements in TV in between the program and many times we are distracted with it. Now same thing has come to the smartphone screen albeit in a different pattern. This is the latest way the companies can pack their advertisements by using the intelligent software programs.
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