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    Are we forgetting writing

    During my school days, we used to carry many notebooks to write and keep them as a record. Sometimes we used to write the notes one or two times so that we will not forget. The teachers used to tell us one-time writing is equal to ten time reading. If we are not able to remember the teachers used to give us imposition. We have to write the matter ten times or so as advised by the teacher. Slowly the habit of writing is going away. Now nobody is writing on paper. They type it on their laptop or computer or tablet. Some times we use our phone also. We will just type it and keep it to refer whenever we want. I think slowly even in schools and colleges also the writing will be replaced with typing. Do you think this practice is good? Is it not worthwhile to keep on writing once in a while instead of typing on the computer?
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    As rightly pointed out by the author, the writing habit among the people is very poor. Writing always helps in understanding the content and also in memorizing. Nowadays we totally become slaves to technology. We depend on the mobile handset even to remember the Telephones nos of dear ones. Some people even do not remember their own number. When you ask for their number, they will check their mobile and tell you the number.

    In our department we had one lady , she used to remember the employee numbers of more than hundred people. It is a common story with friends that whenever they loose their mobile set they say I have lost all the contacts. It is always better to have writing habits and noting down important numbers, events etc instead of totally depending on the Technology. Yes, Technology is also required and we should also know the effective use of Technology. Half knowledge puts us in trouble.

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    Very interesting post by the author. Yes, it is true that we are forgetting writing with a pen. All of us are typing the material or filling by typing in online forms. This is going to affect our handwriting as well as writing speed and in near future we may not be able to write anything other than our signature.

    It will be a fearful situation that students will not be able to write themselves.

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    Yes it is a reality that we are 'writing' almost NIL. Mostly we are typing or keying in only.
    Occasionally when I have to write or scribble something using pen, I feel difficulty and if it is a bit long my fingers pain.
    Nowadays I am writing only when something has to be drafted in local language(as transliteration is laborious than writing). Other than that my writing is mostly restricted to scribbling phone numbers or some details while taking a call, and scribbling the grocery items and vegetables to be purchased, before starting to market.

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    Yes, in most cases we prefer to use the keyboard rather than the pen. Nowadays, writing is limited mostly to students because of their academic purpose and beyond that people hardly use pen and paper to write a few paragraphs. Earlier, people used to praise others whose handwriting is good but nowadays only school students discuss about the handwriting of their friends or teachers. If things go in this way, people will forget to write even their names properly on a piece of paper.

    I posted this thread that describes the initiative to revive the dying art of handwriting. Earlier a pen and paper were essential items to be kept on the table, nowadays we use technologies to write things. Actually, if we try to analyze our writing habits it will be found that we write many things throughout the day, though only by using the keyboards. We post comments on different social networking sites, send texts to others with the help of technology but it is also essential not to forget the art of writing on paper with a pen or pencil.


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    Interesting post by the author. With the advent of electronic media and online activities the hand writing skills are going in oblivion. Typing is the in thing. Over and above that the voice to typing technology is going to revolunise the world of writing and communication. Voice to text apps are introduced and some of them are really excellent in reproducing the voice in text.
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    Absolutely. These days people don't write but they type on a computer so most of the people forget the habit of writing with a pen. I consider my case I don't remember when the last time I wrote something in my native language Hindi and I have almost forgotten how to write it as I never get the opportunity to write it.

    It's very frustrating when someone asks me to write on the paper with a pen. It looks good when I see kids writing on the notebook. It's true that kids learn easily when they write things. I doubt in future kids would write with a pen but they would ask to bring their own laptop and type whatever work they will do in the class and save it there itself. I remember the things which we used in our childhood are getting obsolete like the fountain pens similarly the pens and notebooks will disappear or will be used less in future.


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    I do recall up my childhood days and in class three standard, we have had a copy of Handwriting and it was our foremost task to complete to page of Handwriting in our Hindi - language. It was definitely time consuming in the sense that the scripts should look attractive, enough spacing between two words and appropriate use of coma, hyphens, inverted comas and full - stops. The entire look of the page should be attractive enough to get excellent remarks otherwise the same exercise had to be repeated.
    In the next class, additional task was assigned to write similarly in English and in order to curb the relaxation in writings, final grading was incorporated in the progress report of class four thus writing habits in both the languages became the unavoidable exercise and this continued till we passed out class seven.
    However, needless to say, such practice changed our handwriting looking appreciably beautiful and still my handwriting reflects the strenuous efforts made in the early years of my school - days.

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    Though the writing habit has come down drastically due to the advancement in communication technology, we cannot do away with our handwriting completely. Writing on a paper with a pen in our hand is a good exercise for our fingers. Such is the thing that is missing now. Typing is also an exercise to our fingers if we use the proper keyboard layout. But most of us type with a single finger, either the index or middle.

    However, I ensure to continue my writing habit by writing something in my diary regularly every day. My handwriting is my identity. My family members, relatives and friends easily recognize my handwriting, and they always admire my beautiful handwriting and my tough signature.

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