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    Women are their own enemies

    This is a true fact and this is one of the reason why Indian women do not get the place, they actual deserve. Once they start helping and supporting each other the situation will not take time to get changed. But we have to wait for such time. I am posting this thread because of my yesterday experience. I was waiting to cross the road and so was other two ladies who were standing beside me. We saw one car was crossing and it was slow in speed so one of the lady thought to get cross by the time the car comes closer but the other lady stopped her. She said - can't you see the car driver is a lady! What if she bang on us and make an accident?

    It may or may not be important discussion and it was also wrong from other lady to cross the road when signal was on. But one thing is sure, it proves that how women itself has no confidence on their own gender.

    Not only man but women too need to change their own negative thinking about women themselves. Until and unless there would not get any changes for women at least in this country.
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    Very interesting post by the author. It is true that if a woman is underestimating the other woman then what can we expect from the men who are already having a superiority complex of being males.

    This attitude has to be changed if we really want to progress and have a society where there is no gender bias.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Every coin has two sides. Every person has different actions, reactions and responses on different situations and contexts.
    My Grandmother used to quote a saying in Tamil " Sila samayam than kayye than kannai kuththum"( At times our own fingers hurt our own eyes). It happens. We ourselves become our own and our own people's foes sometimes. Just natural. Fits to most iof us irrespective of gender , class or any other categorisation.

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    It is true. our own fingers may hurt us some times. We will have our enemies in our family itself. A lady never understands the efficiency of the other lady. Many lady employees feel jealous of their fellow lady employees. I have seen this many times in the organisation where I worked. One lady will go to her boss and tell about the other lady. Of course, this habit is there in gents also.
    Many women will have a negative feeling only about the other ladies. They never look at them with some positive mind. This is the main problem we notice many times. When a mistake happened they try to throw the blame on the other lady. This attitude should get changed. A lady should have confidence in other ladies. They should try and help the other ladies and see that they will be successful.

    always confident

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    This is a fact that women are discouraging each other who are a bit capable to do something better. This is not limited to the woman driving a car, it is the case with other fields as well. To lift themselves, women need to respect each other first. Without this, it is difficult to progress or uplift a woman and empower her.
    Women should be the powerhouse of courage for the other women and should not discourage each other. They should learn to respect each other and desist from insulting each other. Women empowerment can't be achieved until they empower themselves without disrespecting each other. Women have to uplift themselves to make women empowerment successful.

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    Men are jealous of men. Women are jealous of women. Men are jealous of women. Women are jealous of men. I have seen this everywhere. So, why only single out women? Jealousy, creating hindrances in others' way are gender-independent phenomena.

    This is human nature (not woman nature).

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    I completely agree with the above comment #663593 of Mr Partha in this regard.

    In our mythology, culture, literature and history women are shown to be more jealous than men. It was and is a unfortunate depiction. I do not want to go in the search as who did it but it must have done by some woman hater in the past. I do not agree with this presentation of woman in our society as I strongly believe that men are equally jealous. Only difference is men might not show it in their behaviour or reactions while women might show it immediately.

    Jealousy is a trait of humans irrespective of the gender.

    Knowledge is power.

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