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    The art of pause and proceed.

    Some people believe in continuously working. Taking a break is not their nature. They expect others also to follow suit. They feel proud of their stamina and vigour in pursuing various tasks. They are known as workaholics also.

    In my opinion working continuously is not a good strategy. It is always better to take adequate breaks in between. These breaks are not only meant for taking physical rest but also to think, ponder over what has been done and then proceed ahead with full throttle. This break is necessary to revitalise the tired mind with renewed zeal.

    So what I think is work, pause and then proceed. What do the members think about this?
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    Any system when over stressed is likely to fail. Like wise humans also have physical limitation. When we exert more we are likely get more health hazards. We come across the cases of heart attacks among youngsters. This is mainly due to lack of rest and tension on account of the work pressure.

    We need to take care of our health first. Balancing of work life is also required to manage the expectation of work as well as family life.

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    The pressure exceeds than the safe pressure the boiler will explode. That is why boilers will have safety valves. If the pressure is exceeding the designed pressure the safety valve will get activated. The excess pressure will be released. Similarly, a human system is getting pressure more and more he should find out a way to release the same. For that, we should take some rest and always we should keep a check on our health. We should know our strengths and weaknesses and work on them. We should never take any problem on to our head and we should not give excess strain to our mind more than the body.
    If we are in deep stress and getting pressurised we should stop thinking about that problem and start reading a book which will make our mind to get diverted. That will release a lot of pressure and give us freshness.

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    A very good thread by the author which shows the importance of a break. As long as you are comfortable, continue your work. Do not pressurize yourself to complete everything at one go. It is important to take a break to realize how much you have completed and how much is left. After a break, you can even find a new way to do the job. Along with the body, the mind also gets tired and require rest. A little break in between helps to improve performance.

    Suppose you are carrying out a complex task with a few of your colleagues and after some time realized though you can continue at the same pace there are certain issues which if addressed properly will help to carry out the work in an easier way. Just take a break and call one of your colleagues to join you. Both of you can discuss and work out a solution to those issues. If all of you continue with difficulties, the job may be completed but will take a lot of time. A break always helps to realize things in a better way.


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    I prefer to take adequate breaks while doing work because after some time I get saturated and could not concentrate on the work so I take a little pause.

    There are people who think that they should complete the work as they don't want to lose the momentum by taking breaks. Such people have good conversation level but such people are very rare.

    In my school days, I never used to study continuously more than an hour so used to take small breaks in between even during the exam times also. Also, my parents used to take a little break in between so that I might not get saturated. Similarly, I also advise my kids to follow this.

    One may utilise these breaks and may finish other works too so that he or she may get relaxed and concentrate better after the break.

    Breaks are essential as they don't make the work boring also it reduces stress. If the work is physical then it helps to give rest to the body. So, in my opinion, one should take a pause in between work.


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    Continuous working is not good for a person in long run as it can build the fatigue to unwanted levels. It is always advisable to take breaks in between. It really rejuvenates the mind for further actions.

    Many successful people not only take break but also change their work type also to avoid the monotony and surprisingly they are capable of handling many jobs in parallel. So, it is always better to have a change as well as a break in our activities so that we do not fall victim to the monotonous working.

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