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    Have you ever worked under a lady boss? Narrate your good and bad experience

    With gender equality, we have many lady bosses both in government and private organizations. Many ladies have proved efficient both at administration and profession. There are rude ladies as well as sober and mild ladies. There is also hard taskmistress. Even ladies use indecent and abusive languages against their subordinate men and women.

    Let us know - Have you ever worked or working under a lady? If yes, narrate your experience.

    @ Thank God, I never worked under a lady. I always had ladies under my command. Many were happy to work under me, and only a very few were unhappy with me.
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    'Thank God, I never worked under a lady. ' Can you provide us with an explanation? What do you mean by your statement?

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    It is self-explanatory. Needs no much explanation. However, to satisfy you, I would explain it as I never worked in any organization headed or managed by a lady. I do not know how you interpret the phrase 'Working under a lady"

    Different people - Different mind - Different thinking - Different interpretation. Can't help!

    Any other doubt?

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    In my career spanning for about more than thirty years, I had a few bosses who were women. But as in every sphere, there also were some whom we liked more and have some extra regard, while some with whom we just had the normal expected formal interaction .
    Among them I had seen some were very humane, kind and compassionate, understanding and encouraging; but a few who were not having such humane attitudes, but were arrogant , power crazy and finding fault with others always. In fact I had seen that even the women employees disliked them.

    But I had the fortune of working with two women bosses whom I still remember with regards and respects.

    One was my boss during the very early stages of my career. She was one who encouraged me and inspired me to take up more responsibility even though it was not expected at that stage. She prompted and inspired me to learn as much possible in as early and short period as possible. She had a very clear assessment of all the subordinates working under her and knew who is good at what, and who should/should not be entrusted with certain jobs. She was real class and stood with us all through when there was some exigency or crisis.

    The other lady boss whom I still keep in high regards was my regional boss when I was just in the middle stages of my career. I was heading a relatively smaller unit.So being lower in the rank hierarchy I used to sit in the back rows during business meetings. Many times she(my boss) used to call me and direct me to sit in front rows. Frankly, I used to feel a bit hesitant and even afraid that others may treat me as 'Chamcha". But she used to highlight my performances and used to give me even more challenging tasks instilling confidence in me and telling that she has the faith that I would achieve and surpass the targets given.

    Statistically, I had more women in my equal ranks(than bosses) . Unfortunately being normally humane and considerate, naturally, I had to take more burden in many such situations. But while possible they also understood and helped to lessen my extra burden.

    So it is just a mixed bag as in every other situation and cannot make any different observation based just on gender.

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    Your lewd and salacious innuendo is gratuitous and completely uncalled for, but it comes as no surprise. We have seen that happen before.

    An explanation is/was warranted, because you thanked God. Why did you need to heave a sigh of relief – a statement that you did not have an opportunity to work under a woman would have sufficed. Why an emphasis on that – why invoke God? Were you too scared to work under a woman or do you now, in hindsight, thank the almighty because you realise that you would not have known how to conduct yourself with a lady, as your boss? What makes you reflect upon it now?

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    During my entire experience of about 40 years and still continuing, so far I have no opportunity to work under a lady boss. But many women worked under me and they are now in very good positions. I never find any difference in dealing with a woman or a man. Only thing is when there is a requirement of overtime working ladies are not really ready as they have to attend their housework. Otherwise, there is no difference.
    I have no idea about a lady boss and her working style. So no comments on that aspect.

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    This thread should be deleted. If ISC deletes you blame ISC. Why you go for good and bad about particular gender or particular person ? It can be freely discussed in social media. Not here.

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    Madam Juana,
    It was not fear or worry to work under a lady boss. It is my nature, attitude, behaviour, stubbornness, style, expression and various other factors that won't go well with a lady as my boss. I am lucky that God did not entangle me with a lady boss for me to worry about the lady, and also the lady boss to worry about me.

    As you know me well for many years, and this thread is not a surprise to you, you could have posted your question with little care and elaborated clearly without shortening the response to avoid the words like lewd, salacious, etc. Anyway, you always help the ISCians to learn new words through your annoying responses. A big Thank YOU.

    @ While raising this thread, I thought of your sure response to this thread. My thought came true as a first response. You presented yourself without disappointing me. Long life of 100 years (Nooru Vayasu) is guaranteed for Juana.

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    Are we not discussing many issues that are being discussed in social media? (Are they related to education?)
    Are we not discussing about the good and bad of election manifesto? (is it education?)
    Are we not discussing about temples and mosque entry? (Are they not social issue?)
    Are we not discussing about CJI and OCI sexual assault (Is not a social issue?)
    Why this thread is not fit for discussion here? Is it because of women-centered?

    Just spare a few minutes to think before you act. Look at the way our members are responding with interest.

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    Just spare a few minutes to think before you act.

    First practice yourself.


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    In my 29 years 8 months of service in different Government Departments, I had to work under very few lady bosses. They are just like male bosses-some have been good, some are bad. So, I have no specific comment to make on this issue.

    But after returning from my office, I have to constantly remain under a lady boss in my residence. No doubt, she is very very strict.

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    As a member, I spend hours and hours to post messages and respond to threads and counter-responses. I always practice what I teach, and always teach what I practice. Editors come online for few minutes, search for faults, delete the threads or responses, and vanish. They are not available here to listen to a query relating to the deletion of threads/responses.

    @ My other thread on deletion is not responded by any editor till now. It starves for the editors' response

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    In my career, I never had a lady boss. I know males don't like a lady boss but that's okay if the management of a company thinks that someone has a potential and capability then why should she be deprived of such position.

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    Sun, you spend time unnecessarily to provoke female or any particular person in general. Your practice will not be useful here and you always claim that you did no mistake or policy violation. Each time, one can't explain you repeatedly how you should adopt to the guidelines. So you may not get any response.

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    Although I don't support Mr. SuN's opinion about lady bosses, I do support his right to express himself freely. Mr. SuN also has his Freedom of Expression (FoE) and FoE is not selective. One Mr. JL Nehru said this (as far as I remember).

    Don't you respect JL Nehru?

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Bull's eye! The factors and reasons attributed by you reflect your inability to behave in an acceptable manner, with a lady. I expressed the same view when I mentioned that you feared not being able to conduct yourself.

    Coming to my other post. It was a simple post, that cited (and questioned) a line from your post. It wasn't shortened, and there was no undertone. Don't blame your ineptitude on me. You chose to give my question a new meaning with your risqué insinuation. So, yes, your response, to a simple query was lewd and salacious.

    Since you were certain that this thread would elicit a response from me, I would be right in assuming that your intention was far from noble. You intended this to be an inflammatory post; well aware that I would take up the cudgels. And it is also sexist and prejudiced. My responses annoy you because they are forthright.

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    Undoubtedly everybody has freedom of expression. Mr Rahul Gandhi obviously respects Mr J L Nehru but had to apologise in the apex court because of his remarks. Sadhvi Pragya also had to apologise because of her comments. See, they all freely expressed themselves but had to apologize. Don't think they did it under pressure, they had to apologize because others didn't like their comments. If a large section of society does not approve of somebody's comment what purpose did the freedom of expression serve? You may think you are free to express anything but you have to face the wrath of others too when things go beyond the limit. What Mr Sun did here and also in a few of his threads cannot be supported in any way just because he is free to express everything he wishes.

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    Correctly said about the freedom of expression. You told what I wanted to tell.


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    I had only worked once for 2-3 years under a lady boss and I did not feel any difference as compared to the male boss. I think it is basically the individual that he may feel the difference. Some of the males have a natural trait of having a feeling of being superior to the females. That type of persons might feel awkward in the situation of working under a lady boss. In our culture, we have seen traditionally the male dominance in our house and also in the society so that generally remains in our mind while dealing with a lady boss.

    Many times a lady becomes the Prime Minister of a country and the whole nation works under her. That time we have not heard any such resentment that how can we work under a lady. So it is only a question of mindset that some of us have false pride of being males and think that only the male should be the boss.

    In ancient time there was a general feeling that males were considered superior but with the modernisation and women empowerment at the forefront the considerations and old concepts are changing gradually. So, today working under a lady boss is no way different than working under a male boss.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have never the experience but how does it matter. A lady lecturer teaches in a class. A lady pilot flies a plane. A lady can become the top political leader. A lady can be a boss in many circumstances. Our defense Minister is a lady. So what is that difference between, I could not understand.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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