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    Where this crores of rupees coming for the candidates to contest in this elections?

    Whether it is BJP or Congress or BSP or any other party spending crores of rupees for each of these candidates in these elections. While BJP is saying through demonetization they have checked and controlled all sorts of corruption. From now onwards every rupee comes under the preview of the center what they told. But every candidate is spending crores of rupees for their campaigning, for giving voters to vote for them. From where this money the candidates getting to spend lavishly? Is it not the money of corruption or hard earn money of candidates? All the parties BJP, Congress, AIDMK, DMK candidates got red handed when they are transacting money. This is what is BJP saying all kinds of corruption they have controlled? As BJP is in the ruling position they have the maximum money spending out of limits in elections than any other party. Political pundits saying this is the highest level of polling corruption we are seeing in this election in India. Do you think this is the real democracy winning in the largest democracy of the world?
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    Undoubtedly corruption is a big issue and all the political parties are engaged in corrupt practices which is evident from their expenditure during any election. While there are huge donations coming from different quarters, political parties will never divulge the details of their funding. They will ignore RTI applications and will say that political parties do not come under the ambit of RTI. In 2013, the CIC, in its ruling said that the 7 national parties fall under the ambit of RTI act but all political parties unanimously declared that they cannot be regarded as public authorities which is a requirement for coming under the scope of the RTI act. They know all will be caught on the wrong foot and hence decided to make this a point. All political parties are the same wearing different masks at different times. As long as corruption is not eradicated, all independent authorities will be somehow influenced by the ruling party.


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    Political parties have a large amount of party fund received from the business houses or rich supporters. This is very common and why the people give so much money to these parties is also well known as they will have the ease of doing business if their party comes in power. So whether you call it corruption or donation, it is there. Earlier it was in black and white both forms now it is more in white form.

    No party can canvass or do rallies in absence of this fund and that is the primary thing needed for all expenditures in connection with election hue and cry. Some rich people spend their own money also in this as they know that they will get back more if they come in power.

    An honest employee can hardly earn one crore rupees during his entire service but most of the leaders and politicians are declaring wealth in hundreds of crore. If you enquire they say it comes from paternal sources or agricultural sources. Interestingly what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg and if one is interested to see the submerged part of the iceberg then please see how much they have already spent on banglows, swimming pools, interior decoration, purchasing land, leisure foreign trips, functions in the family etc.

    So this is a very deep rooted subject and the clever and dishonests are making money in the process backed by all the documents to justify their source also.

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    Money makes the mare go. It is the money which is required for so pompous election campaigns. Every party does it. They raise money only for it.

    In fact, if you have no money you will not be able to campaign and may loose the election because no one knows you.

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    Then what is the use of EC's limit on election campaigns? It is not only election campaigning but to give money or sops to vote for their parties and candidates are spending more than 50 crores on each candidate by each major parties and parties openly saying this. Parties are giving tickets only on the money power of candidate. Then what is the type of democracy we are having in the largest democratic country of the world.

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    We cannot come to the conclusion that entire party fund has generated through corrupt practices. There are people who donate money to the party fund because of their
    ideological liking of the political party and the good work done by the party to the society and the Nation as a whole.

    There are many business houses who extend financial support to the political parties. These corporates may get incentives and reliefs in the policies of the Government.

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    During the demonetization, many of these leaders deposited their money in different bank accounts and now those people will withdraw that money and they will give to the leaders after taking their commission. That is one way of getting money for these elections.
    Many of the private corporate offices will give a lot of money as a donation for all the important parties so that there will not be any problem in running their business irrespective of the party coming to power. Those donations will go to crores of rupees. In addition to that, the kickbacks that are being given to these leaders by the beneficiaries after demonetization will also be there accumulated with them. All those amounts will come out and will get distributed.
    However many of the State governments started distributing the official money to all the people as pensions or aids and getting the sympathy.

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