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    Rules cannot be different when the purpose is uniform

    Rules are flouted everywhere. There are many who do not follow the rules and there were many threads posted on the topic. Punishment must be there for the rule breakers and then only things can change. I am not going into that but describing something which must be taken care of to make things easier for the common man. Different organizations have different rules and procedures for certain tasks, but if the organizations provide the same services to its customers there must be uniformity in the procedure.

    Take the example of submission of Form 15 G/H in the banks in case of maintaining a term deposit with them. A leading nationalized bank does not accept the forms if the depositor doesn't mention her/his e-mail address there. It applies to everyone irrespective of ages and when the senior citizens complain about this unnatural practice the officials say either to open an e-mail address or to provide the e-mail address of near and dear ones. Other nationalized banks are not rigid and they gladly accept the forms without an e-mail address. The form 15 G/H itself varies to some extent depending on the banks and a few of them use a two-page form but a few others use a single page form. When the purpose is uniform, why this discrepancy in rules? On seeing this harassment, I asked a top official of the branch about it and he said there is a circular where everybody has to mention the e-mail address in the form. When told to show the circular, he declined and said it is not for the public. Strange things do happen in this country!
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    Very interesting post by the author highlighting the non uniformity of basic rules and regulation across organisations and institutions.

    The human tendency is not to follow the rules and go through the short cuts. They only follow it when there is a compulsion or force. The clever people sometimes quote also that rules are made by the wise people and fools follow them.

    So banks or any such organisation have a tough time in getting their form duly filled by the customer. Frankly speaking no customer wants to fill any form. They will be happy if the bank fellow gets an automated printout based on the personal data of the customer and cordially asks them to sign it. Recently I went to the HDFC bank for filing the form 15G/15H and the counter clerk gave me a print of it from his system as he is having all the data including the email and I simply signed it. All banks are not having this facility and you have to fill the form.

    The main problem is that different people have different degree of compliance expectations and in that excitement sometimes they will be adamant for a small thing and return the form even if an unimportant field is not filled. You can say they overdo it but they believe that more is merrier!

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    I have also observed that there is ambiguity and non uniformity in following the rules. In some states the bank will just add your father's name in your name and make it different and then it will not match with Aadhar or PAN. I was surprised on their foolishness but they told that it is the tradition there. Should we follow our traditions, culture and religion in following the rules?
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    Yes. I am also of the opinion that the rules, regulations and systems should be the same across the institutions within the country. But there are many differences. Even the interest rates for FDs and SBs are varying from bank to bank within the Nationalised Banks itself. Why they don't maintain uniform rates in all the banks is not understood.
    At the same time, the procedures also will vary from organisation to organisation. This will make the issue more difficult. There are three general insurance companies run by the government. In these three also there will be a lot of difference in procedures and premium rates also. If we ask them to give a quote for a particular item and when you see the quotations submitted by them there will be a lot of difference.
    These differenced should be removed and a uniform procedure should be implemented so that the system will become easy for the customers.

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    Rules may be the same for all but applied differently. The lawyers ensure this. For bail of a celebrity, the Court can be opened at midnight. The common man rots in jail for years without even the beginning of the trial.

    The different application of rules can be seen in the India Study Channel also. Different Members are treated differently. For a Member who happens to be in the 'Black Book' of the Editors, his/her answers to the question get the minimum point even if he/she is the only person who answers all parts of the question.

    A black-listed Member's post gets deleted or gets negative points when a Member who is in the good books of the Editors, gets encouragement from the Editors for threads written in unintelligible English on a similar issue with a different (opposite) perspective.

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    I second Partha's response #663630. When a lady member creates a thread on Women, no editor objects. When a male member creates a thread on Women, it is condemned or deleted by the editor. Why? I don't know why editors have different thoughts about ISC men and women? When we create a thread on editors, the responses are deleted and minus points awarded. Why?

    I am losing interest in ISC due to editors rude behaviour. But continuing my activity due to WMs polite behaviour.

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