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    Elections can bring smile also amidst all the seriousness and tension

    The Lok Sabah Election is going o in phases. It is over in Kerala on 23 rd April. I had ' done my duty, discharged my responsibility and exercised my right ' by duly voting. As we all know, the election times are very serious and stressful. Not only to the candidates but to the voter too-was proved by the ten plus deaths happening in or around the polling booths on voting day in Kerala. They were not due to any poll violence, but voters dies collapsing while waiting in queue for voting or just after reaching the polling room etc.

    But this time elections gave a few occasions to smile also. At least three incidents were reported in Kerala which brought smile to me.

    1. Before the polling started in one booth, a snake was found inside the VVPAT machine. Not to say what commotion would have happened. My smile is on thinking what roll the snake has in a poll? Did anyone have snake as his symbol? Or was it some democratic form of protest by the serpent flock?

    2. A popular film actor (award winner and popular as comedian) showed his right hand finger for putting the indelible ink and it was duly doe and he voted and came out. But just before raising it for selfie, he realised that and went back and got his left hand finger also inked. So he was probably the only one who got his two fingers inked for one vote. Apart from the smile coming many things may be guessed- the most harmless is that the poll official was much in awe when he saw the actor and forgot his correct duty.

    3. The third one also brought a smile and gave me a worry of things to come. One voter completed his voting leisurely and ensured that VVPAT also is okay. Then while coming back from the voting compartment he heard the name of the next voter and the beep sound. He just jumped back into the poll compartment and pressed the button, thus voting two times. All officials and the next voter were perplexed . No one knew what to do as there was no precedent for this. At last to satisfy the victim voter, a tendered vote was allowed. Now that a precedent is created......?

    As still more phases of voting are remaining, I hope more such anecdotes may be narrated by members.
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    In one of the polling booths, an old lady was sitting outside the booth with her fingers on her chin. When one of the booth officials asked her to move in and vote, she refused to go in. When asked why she was refusing to vote, she said that no one gave her cash to vote and she was waiting for someone to give her cash.
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    Interesting things happening during the elections. India is a big country and there are a large number of polling booths where people have different experiences.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    India is the largest democracy in the world. It is natural that we experience some hiccups and problems in some corner. By and large we should appreciate the election commission and other supporting government departments ensuring the conduct of free abd fair elections.
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    It is really a change from the serious and stressful election time that such incidents and anecdotes happen around us during the voting process and make the atmosphere light and joyful.

    Long back I also attended election duty and at that time we had manual paper voting system which is known as ballot paper. There used to be a cross seal which was to be applied against the candidate in the ballot paper.

    One old lady came for voting and put the cross and in a hurry took the seal with her. As soon as we found the seal missing we ran after the old lady who was walking back to her home and the seal was clasped in her palm. We took it from her and thanked her. She was a bit afraid and was so sorry for that.

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    It's really interesting to know about such things. Standing in the long queue since morning on a hot summer day is a bit tough for seniors. But if we can follow minutely the interesting activities of others the time will smoothly fly unnoticed.

    Just imagine the situation: you cast your vote and the snake peeps out from the VVPAT. It indicates you have voted on the symbol of the snake. Maybe the EC can think of it to apply some 3D techniques in the VVPAT in future where the symbol of the candidate voted for will be shown as a 3D image instead of what is shown now.

    In the case of popular actor, the poll official was perplexed and interestingly others in the queue never insisted the official to apply the indelible ink on their right-hand fingers too. After all, people follow every move of the popular stars.

    In the third case, the man was jumping out of joy to help his fellow voter. You see, there is a joy associated with helping others also.


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    It is very interesting to note the happenings during elections this time. In many places even in Telangana also it was noticed that EVMs gave many problems in many places . So poling started very late. That is why elections went to late hours.
    How much it is true I don't know. But in AP it was reported that the vote pressed on one symbol it is going to another symbol in VVPAT it is going to another symbol.
    In many places the elections went on till the next day.
    In some places when the voter gone to vote, to his astonishment it was observed that his vote was already casted. They have to return back without casting vote.
    Unlike earlier times this time many number of problems were reported. A serious study is required regarding the problems in polings

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