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    What if the whole world leaves the religion aside?

    This is a hypothetical supposition but interesting to conjecture upon. The world is divided between the geographical boundaries but it is also divided by the boundaries of religion which are sometimes having more strength and compartmentalisation than the physical boundaries.

    This is creating political as well as social confrontations in many countries and parts of the world and we have seen so much related to it in the history that we are always fearful that same thing can repeat at any time and the innocent people move from one place to other as a refugee after the said confrontation, conflict or war.

    So there is no harm in being cosmopolitan and if all the people of the world are asked to leave their respective religion aside and come out of it and be only a religion-less citizen then whether it will be acceptable to or agreed by the masses or it will be opposed by them partially or totally - that is the point I want to discuss in this post.

    Please give your views on this? Is it hypothetical and not possible? Please feel free to express your opinion.
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    All of will have no religion that means there will be no riots /fights on the name of religion but that doesn't mean that it will be a peaceful world. We human beings will find other ways to fight.

    In recent times all terrorism is due to religion as people of other religion do not like other people of another religion. Maybe that will be controlled. There will be no fight like it's happening for Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid.

    All of us will have the same Gods and will celebrate the same festivals.


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    A society without caste and religion. All citizens will be brothers and sisters without any differences. But the human beings will try to find out another difference. Poor and rich. This difference is to be eliminated more than religion. The terrorism is mainly due to the differences in financial disparities. The poor belonging to a particular religion are exploited and they are used as tools for spreading terrorism. So across the world attempts should be made to bring down the differences between people and that will bring down many problems.
    Of course the hatred for other religions is also a cause of worry. The universal brotherhood is to be propagated and practiced.

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    Many societies might agree for this revolutionary idea but there are some religions which are stubborn and adamant in their religious practices and will never agree for this. It will be a big problem to make them agree for universal brotherhood.
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    Following any religion has no harm to anyone. Every religion preach peace. The problem is wrong preaching of religion and resorting to terrorism. All religions are equal but some scrupulous people try to misguide people and make them religious fanatic and brainwash them to cause harm to the society.
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    Since no one knows the purpose of our life on earth, we also do not know the purpose of religions on this earth. It is He (God) who controls and manages the universe. We can't talk about religions and universal brotherhood. Why should we lead a lazy silent dead life? Religion and religious activities keep the human beings busy.
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    How biryani can be empty? Then it is not a biryani, it is only plain rice.

    So far as Hinduism is concerned, I must say that it accepts atheism (unlike many other religions). Kanad and Charbak are the best examples of this phenomenon.

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    You were quick. I talked about Biriyani and deleted. Unlike plain rice, empty Biriyani is special like religion without God. The different kinds of stuff(gods) added to Biriyani is like different religions we have. The purpose of Biriyani is to fill our stomach. Similarly, the purpose of religion is to satisfy our mind.

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