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    How you will tackle situation if your boss is from reservation quota and low mark than you?

    How you will tackle situation if your boss is from reservation quota and low mark than you? WIll you able to proceed your job without hesitation or you will try to jump for other company job. For me I will try job to other company because day by day situation will be tricky to handle and difficult to adjust. Its human nature.

    Please put some words and your views on this situation how you will tackle that situation.
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    The boss is boss. We have to obey him. Generally, the situation defined by the author will come only in government Organisations but not in private organisations. In government organisations we can't avoid the said situation. In a high school the HM is from reserved categories and teachers are from normal categories. A teacher can't resign for that. He will have to continue and face the music. Sometimes we will face a very difficult situation when the boss is not able to understand your point of view. But the rule is that boss is always correct. We have to go on doing our work. If it is a private job we can try ang go for another job. But if it is a government job, it will be difficult. Another basic questions is how we know that in the new company the boss is more intelligent than you. A known devil is better than unknown ghost, may hold good here.
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    In many Govt organisations it happens but as it is as per the rules and regulations, nothing can be done in this regard. People are aware of it and have accepted it as a normal thing.
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    What you said is happening only in Government offices. We are duty bound to follow the rules and regulations and respect the boss. A boss is always a boss whether he/she is old or senior or junior or young. To stop this practice, we should first abolish the reservation system. It is the question of survival to live, not a prestige issue to suffer.
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    This is the most unfortunate and ticklish situation with which one has to go daily in his professional job if the Boss is less capable and has secured the job on the basis of low marks due to the reservation quota and by virtue of this special status he has enjoyed promotion surpassing many brilliant and capable executives.
    The subordinate may be innovative, capable, proficient in his assigned area, but there is no way out, he has to follow the instruction of his incapable Boss. This amply proves that sometimes talent is not an asset rather it becomes burdensome if the incapable Boss does not recognise your inherent strength. Such cases are applicable only in the Government job but the case would be somewhat better in private organisation where your talent and potential will be recognise with the better promotion prospects in future.

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    In a democratic Country Constitution has to be respected. Accordingly the position of hierarchy in the organisation has to be accepted by everyone. There is no choice.

    Similarly IAS and IPS officers has to report to Ministers who are unqualified The extreme is that a Police Officer who sent a Criminal to jail will become home minister. What would be the position of such police Officer.

    This is our democracy. We have to follow the rules and regulations.

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    This happens in government jobs where many of the people get a job because of the reservation quota and may get promoted better than a general class candidate but there is no such scene in the private jobs. Here the candidate gets a job on his/her knowledge and is promoted considering his/her skills.

    In government jobs, people face such a situation which the author has mentioned and one has to live with it as this is a rule and you cannot ignore and cannot complain about it anywhere. In many schools, it has been noticed that a teacher who has been recruited through the reservation quota becomes a principal whereas the more knowledgeable teacher is not given a chance. This feels bad for a person who faces it but nothing cannot be done against it and one should accept it that this is going to happen till his/her retirement.


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    Yes its mostly happen in Govt Jobs I forget to mention that. Still I am not able to get correct answer how to adjust that situation I am still waiting to choose for best selection lets wait for some more reply. So how I am convinced with all your reply. Thanks for contributing your views.
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