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    Powers of care taking chief minister as per constitution

    What are all constitutional duties of elected Caretaker Chief Minister. Whether he can review his already announced programmes with beaurocrats and ask information from Chief Secretary.How long he is said to be caretaker CM Whether he can call Collectors and discuss policy matters already taken before election
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    A care taker Chief Minister has to act within his limited powers. He can't take any policy decisions. But he has to see the schemes already in force are being implemented without any break. For this normal running whatever reviews or conduct meetings without going for any new points. In case of any natural calamities and emergencies happen the CM can take decisions and act as the situation demands.
    As a matter of fact he should take leading role during any problems raised during emergencies. When a Chief Minister resigns and if the Governor asks him to continue till the next arrangement is made to continue he will continue as care taker. In case of elections, till the results comes the CM will be a regular CM only but not a caretaker.

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    A caretaker CM has to manage the works and projects which are underway in the state. He has to do it with the same spirit as the normal CM. Only thing is he can not exercise certain administrative prerogatives as the normal CM is entitled.
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    There is nothing called caretaker Chief Minister in the Constitution of India. So, we can't discuss the issue from the Constitutional point of view.
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    Appointing a caretaker Chief Minister is a procedure which is taken up by the Governor for running the state till other Chief Minister is elected or assembly is dissolved. The caretaker Chief Minister will function like a normal Chief Minister but he can not take any policy decisions. So the caretaker Chief Minister is an interim arrangement for filling the void created by the resignation of the earlier Chief Minister. This is a common procedure adopted in our democratic set up.

    Even at the level of Prime Minister, sometimes such an arrangement is done and in that case the President appoints an interim Prime Minister till a regular one is selected. For example after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, the President of India appointed Gulzarilal Nanda as the Interim Prime Minister. He remained in that capacity till the regular Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri was sworn in.

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