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    While I am positive and creative, why others are negative and destructive?

    Dear All,
    In my life, I always think of positive things and create new things for betterment. Many appreciated my zeal, interest and enthusiasm and helped me to achieve success in my life. However, I had to face some ordeals due to some disgruntlement from few who don't like my success in my life.

    In ISC too, I am positive and create things of interest for serious discussion, and also for fun and joy. I never attempt to spoil a thread created by other members. But there are volunteer members who always try to put me down or insult my well-created thoughts. Ultimately, the end result is -Destruction to both the author and opposing members.

    Why is this happening with me in my family circle, and in the ISC circle?
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    Reason is simple. Than vinai thannai sudum means every action has equal and opposite reaction. You first create action and you get equal reaction (both for positive and negative action created by you, you are really creative in both the ways.)

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    If it is happening both in case of family circle and friends circle also you have to think yourselves and really you should analyse yourselves. If everywhere it is Ok but only in one case there is a problem means most probably the problem may be with the other party.
    No two minds will think in a similar way. Every one will have their own point of view. Some people will get convinced easily with other people's opinions. But some will not get convinced easily. Here we can't say one is correct and the other is not correct.
    I think you have very strong opinions and you will not get easily convinced with other people's points. That maybe the reason you think you are positive and at the same other side also think they are also positive.

    always confident

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    I don't think so. If the effects of my deeds are for me only, why the others are also getting affected along with me? It is the way how people look at me. The attitude is - Once a bad boy is always a bad boy. This negative thinking makes them to be negative and get destroyed.

    If anyone gets entangled with my deeds, they are also affected, equally.
    "En Vinai Unnaiyum Sudum"(My deeds would affect you too) is an additional proverb

    No life without Sun

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    It happens in everyone's life. There is all sort of people in life negative as well as positive. We should always try to be positive in our life, there are people who try to oppose you but when you are right you should not feel upset. That's true it's not easy but we should try and should not spoil our life just because negative people want it.

    In your case, I feel you should not worry about others you should continue your work without thinking what others feel about you. In ISC I have noticed that many of your threads are locked but that may be due to violation of the guidelines. Most of the time editors give the reason why they did so with your thread. I know most of the time you don't get agree with their justification but that's okay. You should move ahead as there is always a difference of opinion .


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    In our life we will have agreements and disagreements both. whether it is family life, relations with the friends, discussions with colleagues or discussions in online forums, everywhere the same situation will prevail. This is part and parcel of our life and it will remain like that only.

    I will also sincerely suggest, as some other members have also opined, that we should ignore the criticism and innuendos during our association with others because we do not know and there is no need to decipher also as what is the intention of those people. Sometimes it is better not to read between the lines. No one is bad or no one is good it is only a relative assessment in our mind that makes a person to be considered bad or good with respect to others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is difficult to decide oneself if one is positive or negative. In my opinion it is really to difficult to judge ourselves. At the same time others can judge us as per their assessment which could be true or not.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a thin line between the 'positivity' and 'negativity' and we should be able to draw the line correctly. It is just like saying - 'He is working with me' instead of introducing someone who is a subordinate to you - 'He is working under me'.

    Getting along with people depends on how we mix up with them, the language we use and all this certainly makes a difference!


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    We cannot always draw a thin line between two things. Working under me and working with me has a vast difference. You have picked up a wrong example to convince.

    No life without Sun

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    An interesting thread from the author. Many times we feel we are correct, it's no surprise, as humans we like to think or hear what sounds good to us. At the very basic level, we have every right to express our views, our thoughts and defend our words when discussing in a group ( at home or at the workplace) or on ISC like interactive site.

    But, what is more, important in my view is the context in which we are speaking, the core topic and the general guidelines that define family, social or forums. When it comes to topics like religion, blaming someone, gender-related issues, personal lives of public figures we should be very careful in how we present our viewpoints because of the reaction it can evoke and the potential hurt it can cause to certain people. I think we should be mindful of the ramifications of our views.

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    Nobody bothers if you are successful or fail to achieve your target because everybody is busy with their own work. Also, don't be so bothered about others' appreciation or disapproval of your views. Why are you so bothered about what others think of you? You have mentioned that people in your family, as well as ISC, behave with you in the same way. When you are so positive, I hope you must take others' criticism positively to make changes in your behaviour.

    The problem is, we think what we are doing is absolutely correct but never care for others' views. It's just like the present-day politicians and we are unknowingly following them in some way or the other. Try to take the criticism positively and it will make you more successful. I am reiterating that your success or failure do not matter to the rest of the world, though many people may envy you. Those who envy you, that's their problem, not yours.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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