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    Why some people don't understand other's feelings/emotions?

    It's very often when my wife asks me why I don't understand other's feeling or emotions. I am unable to make her understand every time she asks me the same question.

    Maybe she doesn't like my theory behind it. I always tell her that we have different sort of people in the world and no two brains think alike. The way we see things make a perception in our mind and we act according to that perception. Maybe I don't move with the small issues as my wife does. But she is adamant and doesn't accept my opinion.

    What's your opinion about it? Is there any other reason why it happens?
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    There are different people and their thoughts will be different and their approaches will be different. Some people try to understand the feelings of other people and amend their ways and behaviour so that others will not get hurt. But some people will never thinks about others feelings and behave as they like. These people will annoy the other people . But never bothers about others.
    There will be people who never bothers about others words and never give value for other people's words. For them there will not be any problem. But some people take those words to their hearts and start worrying. One should be careful with such people and we should check our words so that the other person will not get annoyed.

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    Outside the home, we need not understand the feelings/emotions of others and worry too much about. But in your case, it is the understanding of emotion/feeling between two intimate souls bound together for life. A good understanding is a must between the couples for a better life. Any misunderstanding would be a disaster in life. Good understanding and adjustment is an important requirement in family life.
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    Every human being has emotions and feelings and only thing is that it could be there in more or less intensity. Some people are very sensitive while others ignore the trivial things. Some persons care a lot about others and will see the comfort of others before their own. At the same time there are people having minimal sentiments and are very shrewd and tough. They do not bother for the feelings of others.

    Whether in the house or outside the sensitive people may face difficult situations and they will be always taking decisions after so many ifs and buts. They do not want to hurt anyone and if someone is hurt by them they will apologise and keep it in their mind for a long time.

    For practical people these things do not matter as they are busy in making their career and seeing the growth potential wherever they are working. They do not give time to small things related to human subtle mind.

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