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    Do you care what people say about you?

    I don't and why should I. I am the best person who can think about myself.

    But there are people who don't apply their mind and do what others think is good for them.

    I was just going to a story related to the same which concludes we should not bother about others what they say but should do what we feel is good for us. Here is the story:

    A couple bought a donkey and were going home with the donkey. On the way, a young boy commented, very stupid why neither of them rides on the donkey. On hearing this the husband asks the wife to sit on the donkey and husband walks behind them.

    As they move an old man meets on the way and said, how foolish man he is. As he is the head of the family then why is he walking and letting his wife ride on the donkey. On hearing this husband sits on the donkey and wife starts walking behind them.

    Now an old woman meets them as they move ahead and said how pity how can a husband let a woman walks behind him whereas the man rides on the donkey. He is not a gentleman. On hearing this husband too sits on the donkey.

    Further, they met a young man on the way who said, poor donkey he has to bear the weight of two persons. On hearing this they both get down and husband carries the donkey on his shoulder.

    Later, on a narrow bridge, the donkey was frightened and struggled. They lost their balance and fell into the river and drown and lose their lives.

    This concludes that we should not do what others say but should listen to others and do what we think is good for us.
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    A well narrated moral story. You should be you only. Let not others interfere in your affairs.
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    It is a common thing that people comment and make remark in this world on everything they see or find happening. It is a habit many people possess and they do it as a routine whether the target person likes it or not.

    So people will remark and give unsolicited advices to us time and again in different situations. It is up to us whether to take cognisance of that or not. Some people suggest or advise with such a great force that many simple and gullible people come under their spell and do whatever they suggest. These advisors feel proud that people are following their suggestions. It gives a type of satisfaction to them.

    So it is up to the individual whether he is taking these things seriously or just hearing them, registering them but going ahead with his own plans.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sometimes it is not possible to ignore the other people who comment on us as we have to ponder as why they are talking like that. Though it will be a good strategy to ignore them but we are human beings and have some sensitivity in us and it is likely that we are affected by those things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We will have our own priorities and we know what is the best way for us. So we need not worry about the words of all other people. We should know what is good for us and what is not. The other person don't know our position. So he can judge from their point of view. When they step in our shoes only the will understand our difficulties. Without understanding the issues properly if somebody comments on us, we need not worry. Think twice before taking a decision. If you have a small doubt also don't do that work. Otherwise proceed happily without hesitating for other's remarks.
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    thank you

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    People will say whatever they feel like. It will vary from person to person. Now it's up to us whether to listen to them or not. There are people who are our wellwishers and advice us on things when they find something is not going in the right way. At times we cannot judge certain situations and need others' help. Whether you seek the advice of others or receiving unsolicited advice, you have to weigh the options before applying it. Be firm on your target and think how the decisions are going to affect the outcome. You cannot apply all the decisions to please everybody but have to find out which one suits best in the circumstance.

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