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    How can we contribute in nation building?

    It is a general perception that nation building is the job of Govt. A good Govt with good governance is required for the development and progress of a country. It is true but apart from that citizens have also a role in nation building. There are various activities and actions where citizens can contribute their little bit which collectively can become a big sport for the Govt.

    For example if the citizens observe cleanliness then the cleanliness drive in the country will definitely get a boost. Similarly, if we adhere to discipline in public place and in traffic then that will be a great thing in helping to improve the system. Likewise there could be many things which can indirectly help the Govt in the overall objective of development.

    What in your opinion are the other small contributions the citizens can extend to help in the objective of nation building?
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    Here are the few things which we can do for our nation-building:

    1. Minimise using plastic made objects.
    2. Plan more trees in your vicinity and don't let people harm plants and trees.
    3. Be honest in your work. Don't bribe people and don't accept bribes to reduce corruption in our country.
    4. Try to start a business so that you may provide employment to the people.
    5. Make people aware that population is the main hurdle for the growth of our country.
    6. Educate people in your surrounding as literacy is important for people.
    7. Ask people to focus more on girls education and let them work.
    8. Ask people to protest against child labour and child marriage.
    9. Respect foreign tourists so that they may take good memories of our country with them.
    10. Ask people to keep cleanliness on public places and follow traffic rules.
    11. Ask people that they should vote as each site affects the fate of the nation.


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    In my view caring for our environment and helping in development of the green belt is one of the main concerns the citizens should see. Another thing is guiding our new generation in creative and positive actions. It is the duty of the citizens to inculcate good citizens for the future.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There are many points in which a citizen can help in building up the Nation.
    Conducting ourselves in a good way by following rules of the Land and help the law enforcement agencies in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in society.
    Giving due respect to the environment and protecting the environment by planting trees, using public transport more than using private transport, reducing the usage of plastic and trying to recycle as much as possible.
    Conservation of natural resources like water etc is very important and by following this we can help a lot in building the Nation.
    Maintaining cleanliness not only in our houses but also in public places also is a very important issue which if the citizens implement with sincerity this will become a habit and hole country will be neat and clean.

    always confident

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