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    “Salt and pepper” as we evident of it through varied perspectives.

    Many of the terminologies including the terminology "Salt and pepper" could have been related with a very fascinated to their origins which we might not be aware of simply because of the reason that who already knew about this couldn't posted in the internet or couldn't able to write or mention about it in some books or quotes but at least to some extent we can drew of some logical conclusion of its existence.

    In Indian context the customer might be asking for any of these as the ordered recipe may have lacked with a particular taste desired by him & therefore in a way these will narrate the whole story & the phenomena in a slightly different perspectives wherein the stuffs will likely to add more flavor & attractions to the already existing article.

    This wouldn't be an exception when we refer someone being drawing the meaning from a movie "Hannah Montana" as "True Friend" or we may further refer to this as having with "close bonding". Again this would be unlikely for us when these are considered as trending in context to someone's hair when this found to be of both grey & black.

    Well the choice absolutely is yours & I would still be looking out for some more interesting facts onto this.

    (Entry for the TOW contest.)
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    Salt and pepper are very important for the taste of the food. A little less or a little more of any one of these two will cause a lot of difference in taste. That is why in many hotels these two items will be added less and they will be provided on the table so that as required one can add them. In a way, these two are essential items.
    The author tried to explain the importance of essential features which will add flavour to the article. A very nice write-up and the author has made a good attempt.

    always confident

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    Salt and pepper has become a symbolic duo mentioning its importance not only for food items but anywhere where certain elements are required to be added to make the things stand out.

    In friendship the duo changes to truthfulness and helping attitude, in a relationship it translates to love and sacrifice and can be attributed like that in other conditions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Salt and pepper is a important combination on the dining table whether it is our house or hotel. It compensates the lack of favour and taste in the dish and as we do it ourselves we feel completely satisfied by the use we have done on particular occasions. That way the role of these salt and pepper pots is really fascinating.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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