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    Why so many stages for Election this time ?

    Why so many stages for Election this time ? I know previously Election complete within 3 or 4 stages but the 2019 Lok Sabha polls will be held in a seven phases from April 11 to May 19 and 3 stages finished 4 yet to go.

    Are you feeling that its more wait for all of us to know the result. It may be part of BJP game plan to win this election easily. Do you think BJP involve to decide 7 phases for this election. Please give your views and thoughts on this subject.
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    It's the complete responsibility on behalf of the Election Commission to decide on the dates including the numbers of phases in which this whole needs to take place and within these whole the securities are the biggest issues. Few of the areas are more prone to accidents than the rest & that's why so many the phases because the securities needs time to get shifted from one location to the other location.

    Rest is a political drama by those who are suspicious of their winning.

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    This is because of security reasons. If the election takes place in several phases then less security force is required also they can be shifted to the place where elections are conducted.

    Also when elections are at fewer places then it's easy for the government to maintain peace all over the country.


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    But will it not effect extra cost if multiple phases are there. I think they could be reduced phases to 4 phase to make it better and faster as well as comfortable.
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    As far as I remember earlier also once the elections for Lokshabha were conducted in more than 7 phases and the total time taken is more than the time that is being alotted now. The elections are to be conducted peacefully and without any disturbances. For that, the election commission has to see that sufficient forces are to be arranged and in case of any problem in some places all other places should not get affected. This is to be taken care very well. The safety and security of society are very important and that should be given topmost importance.
    The entire process of conducting the elections will be decided by the Election Commission headed by the Chief Election Commissioner. The Central government will never interfere in the entire process and we need not think that the programme is made for the benefit of the ruling party.

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    I too have to say that earlier, the voting was done through Ballot paper & thus needed time for counting, etc but now, as we are using EVM, the counting is done very easily. Why can't the no. of phase be reduced, & result/ or counting done within a weeks time so as to monitor very easily with the tempering of m/c.
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    Varghese, please do not pull up old threads.
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