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    A fine (penalty) for wearing a scarf is reasonable

    As we see generally the women in cities are wearing scarfs for pollution concerns. As the scarf will be covering the face, there is a danger of masking the face as security threats will get increased and also have a very less chance or difficult to catch the culprit for the police in CCTV cameras. Can the Government ask women not to wear scarfs to mask their face? As we see the black coated screen or the anti-glare sun is removed from the car like this the scarfs can be removed from their faces(irrespective of Gender) and religious issues can also come into matter.
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    Definitely yes. Scarfs can also be treated as security threats depending upon the circumstances. As for example, till now, there was no objection in Srilanka on dress covering female face. But after the terrible bomb explosions, female dress covering face has been banned.

    Circumstances change the rule. Circumstances force the authority to bring new rule.

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    Yes. It is a security issue.

    In places like Banks, shopping malls and other public places where the recognition of the individual is necessary, people should not cover the face otherwise security people will raise alarms. Everyone should be restricted to our security and necessities.
    We have the law and tolerant society to protect everybody.

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    Anything which hides the part of the face is definitely going to be a matter of confusion when identity is to be ascertained. Nowadays due to terrorist activities such things can be banned by the authorities. We should also cooperate in these things because they are basically safety and security of all of us.

    When it comes to security of the public then no one should be allowed to take excuse behind their religion or culture or tradition. Security of people is of prime importance and any step taken by the Govt should be accepted by the public. That is a sign of good citizenship.

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    A fine penalty for wearing a scarf is a reasonable one!
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    True. Wearing a scarf is really a security threat, The first time when I saw a girl in Bangalore with a scarf worn around her head and face, my impression was that she was a terrorist girl. Later I could see every girl in Bangalore moving like a terrorist. Of course, the city is highly polluted. A protection gear to avoid polluted air breathing is very essential. Women have soft hair. They need to spend their hard-earned cash for shampoos to clean their hair for the dust accumulated on their beautiful hair by the polluted air.

    It is a must that women should protect their hair from dust and nose and mouth from polluted air.

    I strongly recommend a headgear for women that should protect them from polluted dust and air, and at the same time, their face should be easily visible and identifiable. A transparent light glass material to be found as a solution to overcome this scarf problem.

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    Having a scarf on the face may be a security problem and if somebody wears a scarf they may be asked to remove the scarf in case of any doubt is OK. Many people while driving will wear a helmet. This will also cause a problem in identifying people. In case of any doubt, the police can ask them to open the helmet and show their face. If they refuse they can be fined.
    The women of a particular community will cover their whole body including their face also with a black gown. Is it nor a security problem? Why that is not objected? In many cinemas, we see a hero with a black gown cover will enter the house of the heroine as a girl. Once they are with that cover we don't know whether the inside human being is lady or gent. That also should be stopped. And if anybody violates this they should be punished.

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    Yes, hiding face with anything is against the security rules but what can be done when our city is too much polluted and plenty of dust particles are there in the at which may affect the skin of our face. But still, it's not good to cover up your face with the scarf. I don't favour a fine in this regard but people should be made aware and warned for it. Maybe the situation gets improved by doing it.

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    Mr Rao,
    You are right. In this threat-filled dangerous world, it is essential that our government should ban the use of black veils by women belonging to that sect. The authorities concerned should not fail to check the women in veils thoroughly by another women staff if required. Law should be the same for all.

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    I would request the author to make some changes in the title of the thread. Somebody can be penalised in the form of fine, but 'A fine penalty is.........' is not making much sense here.

    As long as there is no rule to ban the use of scarfs to cover the face, a penalty cannot be imposed. The law must be equal for every citizen irrespective of religion, caste or creed and since a covered face cannot reveal the identity there must be strict rules where one must uncover the face at certain places to help the authorities to identify the person. Many people cover faces because of dust or heat and when the face is covered the CCTV cameras also won't be able to detect the person if somehow the person creates mischief. It's undoubtedly a serious issue but whenever necessary the law enforcement agencies can challenge a person to reveal the identity by uncovering the scarf or protective gear.


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    Srilanka has banned wearing of Burqa by Muslim woman due to the Security concerns. Similarly wearing of scarf also has security concerns. The terrorists, criminals hide their identity by wearing scarfs. Keeping in view of the larger interest of the society and the Country such enforcement has to be implemented without any relaxation.
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