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    Are these below faiths are true in bringing the rainfall?

    1) when you grow plants it will bring rainfall

    2) If you do Yagnas and Yagas it will bring rainfall

    3)If you marry the frogs it will bring rainfall

    4)Dog and fox marriage means its sun showering

    In all of them which is scientific and which is a belief.

    When writing some advantages on plants like Plants will give us Oxygen and inhales Carbon dioxide and in some advantages, they will write plants help us to change the climatic conditions if we grow plants it will bring the rainfall What is the concept in it(Grow plants for bringing the rainfall)? Did you hear this type of slogan before? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    If such beliefs or faiths can bring rainfalls, there should be some belief or faith to stop the excessive rainfalls too. If such beliefs can be a remedy to get the rain and to stop the rain, there won't be flood and drought in our country.

    Sorry members. Nothing can stop nature's joy or fury. Nature has its own duty to perform. They won't listen or heed to human request. They are supreme forever

    Generally, it is a coincidence that makes us believe such faiths. As the crow sat, the palm fruit fell. Similarly, as the donkeys marry, the rain God showers.

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    It is true that plants affect rainfall. Here is the scientific reason for the same.

    Plants release water vapour into the air in a process called transpiration. They release extra water in the form of water vapour from small holes of their leaves known as stomata, that water vapour rises in the atmosphere and form new rain clouds and that water vapour returns to earth in form of rain.

    Other things you have mentioned are just superstitions and by no way is related and can affect rainfall. People just try out stupid things


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    We can explain the first two points scientifically.
    1. Trees during the reaction with light to release water vapour also along with their food. That will increase the concentration of water vapour in the air and may result in rain.
    2. When Yagjana or yagas have performed the temperature of the surrounding air will increase and the water vapours concentration will also increase because of the chemical reactions that are happening. This may also result in rainfall.
    But the other points are beliefs of the people. We can't give any explanation for this.

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    If you have faiths on all these try each one to see the results. Even if you do not have faith in these sayings try each one to see how it works.

    Growing plants have a direct bearing on the environment so planting more trees will make the environment cooler and offset the harmful effects of poisonous gases released by different pollutants. If the environment is balanced we can expect it will behave in a normal way during each season.

    I have never heard of marriages of fox, dog and frog. Till now, I knew only human beings marry. You can try to arrange their marriage and see the result. Otherwise, perform a Yagna in the scorching summer heat and find out if it rains. If any of your faiths give you the desired results do let us know and we will try in our localities.


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    Planting trees is a work which may yield good results for improving the environment and if the nature is preserved rainfall may also become normal. Plants, oceans, mountains and wind have roles in creating rains and to that effect planting trees is helpful. Other things are merely faith and belief related and science has nothing to comment on that.
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    Faith and belief are age old traditions and cultural reminiscence in the society and it is up to the individual to respect it or not. We cannot force a person to observe them. No one knows their effectiveness and it is a blind pursuit of results with unrelated activities.

    On the other hand science is a younger thing as compared to the beliefs and is still in a developmental phase. Most of us are convinced with scientific methods though there are many things, yet to be understood fully.

    Climate science is progressing day by day with the satellite mapping and other advanced methods but still there are a lot of uncertainties in this and predictions might go wrong also. Still planting trees and making the Earth greener will definitely help in improvement of the ecology around us.

    Knowledge is power.

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