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    Salt and pepper - the perfect blend of seasoning to a relationship?

    You have likely heard of the phrase it takes two to tango. Salt and pepper can be considered as those two. On the dining table at a restaurant and even in many homes, the ubiquitous salt and black pepper shakers cannot be missed. You may require them to sprinkle on a soup, add some more seasoning to a pizza or vegetable or a salad. Without some bit of salt in your diet, you may lack the requisite amount of sodium. Pepper adds a bit of spice and is believed to be good to control cholesterol levels. Some people may prefer white pepper or some other kind of salt, pink salt perhaps. What is it that makes these two condiments a special combo?

    Taking these two condiments, consider a relationship. Isn't it somewhat like what is required in a relationship? What is it that provides the salt and what is it that would be considered the pepper? Is it that there is a perfect balance or a little of one or the other tips over and creates an imbalance in the relationship? Keep in mind, too, that, just as there can be different types of salt and different types of pepper, there can be no one single stand-out essential condiment in a relationship. There are so many, ranging from communications to honesty, trust to mutual understanding, love & affection to respect...Points to ponder much over...

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    A very nice thought. In a relationship both the parties are responsible for maintaining it in a balanced way. Any small feelings of ego and thinking of one as superior to the other will cause a problem and the relationship will get broken. This can be compared very nicely with Salt and Pepper. One should have both in the desired proportions. If there is a change in the proportions the taste of the dish will get changed and the whole item will become waste and no one can relish. I feel it is a really good comparison. My appreciations to the author for her excellent thought and write up.
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    Relationship much depends upon taking maximum care of the party in both physical and mental level and any sacrifice done for him or her - big or small need not be reminded to the party. It needs to show oneness at all levels. Though the parameters as stated above are hard to be implemented but with a little common sense, the relationship could be sustainable but one thing, honesty plays a vital role in nurturing any relationship.
    A proper mixing of salt and pepper can enhance the taste of a dish but any disbalance in the proportion may spoil the entire test of the food and the same formulae is applicable in the human relationship. In both the events, less pepper or salt or the reverse of it could alter the tangy taste and the same is applicable in our relationship - a little caring or no caring would act in the similar way as excess or less proportion of salt and pepper does.

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    The author has suggested to blend the relationship between two people as we mix salt and pepper in the food and make it relishable. Yes, the analogy seems adequate enough for a sustained relationship. There are many elements which are to be properly blended in a relationship for its successful progression in the life. The most important is mutual faith and respect. Then comes sacrificing for each other and helping each other to make the journey of life pleasant. A relationship progresses well when it is based on truth and openness. Transparency is the vital thing in a relationship and is the fundamental aspect for its longevity.
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    "There can be no one single stand-out essential condiment in a relationship" - absolutely correct. It's a perfect blend but also depends on the person who tastes the food. Some may like both in excess and some may like a pinch of them. The main thing here is the balance between the two so that the food tastes good.

    A good post and a nice analogy in terms of a relationship.


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    Salt and pepper are both essential ingredients in food. But they should be used in optimum quantity otherwise the salt will make the food bitter and will spoil the dish. Similarly, in the relationship, every emotion is essential otherwise any excessive emotion may spoil the relationship. Excessive love too makes relationships bad sometimes as it makes people possessive and makes a person feels that he is tied and don't find herself or himself a free space. The author has nicely related salt and pepper with the relationship.

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