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    Do you find any dignity and decorum on the statement given by our PM

    In an election campaign in West Bengal, our PM stated that 40 MLA's of TMC are in touch with him. He tolld after the results they desrt TMC and join BJP. Are such words are expected from a person who occupied the highest position in our country?. Even though EC has warned that politicians should not use armies success as their success, our PM and Shah are talking about the same issue in their election campaigns. In election campaigns, no one should talk about religious sentiments and ask votes on the basis of their caste. But our PM called that opposition parties are doing caste politics but he told that he belongs to BC caste person and ask the people to vote for him. I hope no other PM's in the past have gone to such a low level of dignity?

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    It is the desparate opposition which has provoked him to do so. He is otherwise a graceful and composed person. It all started when opposition leaders started telling him thief and chowkidar etc. Opposition should understand that if they unnecessary allege the honourable position of a PM then sometimes it can boomerang and in this case same thing is happening. Now the PM is answering them in their own language so they are being offended by it.

    So, the important thing to be understood in such cases is to understand that who started the fight with derogatory remarks and now they only will have to suffer the consequences.

    It is said that as you sow, same shall you reap.

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    The speeches of Mr. Modi in election rallies are far below the dignity of the position he holds. Nowhere he was able to talk on the development during his tenure. The Election Commission of India is taking its own time to act on the complaints made against Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit Shah. Today it is likely to announce its decision on the complaints. When all the damage is done to polarise and politicise the voters and the Army, what is the use of action now? These 2019 elections saw all the parties forgetting the ethics. This is the first time that the Prime Minister of the country used such low tactics for a win in the elections.
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    Yes, the speeches of Narendra Modi is not at all up to the mark. He degraded the Prime ministerial post when he was a full-term prime minister now he is degrading himself in the election campaign...
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    The newspaper article and this post are perfect examples of misinformation, disinformation, suppression of facts and dishonest comment. What is the context? That is very relevant here.

    1. There is extreme violence during all phases of elections in West Bengal. The Trinamool goons are openly indulging in violence against other parties.
    2. The Central Minister and MP Babool Supriyo was attacked physically. The Trinamool contestant feigned ignorance.
    3. The so-called secu-libu brigade of India is ignoring this terrible poll violence because the brigade members think that Mamata would be able to defeat Modi all over India.
    4. The state is openly being destroyed by Mamata's pet goons like Boby Hakim, Anubroto Mondol and many others.
    5. Mamata told that she would send such rasogollas to Modi which would break his teeth and jaws. These rasogollas would contain stones and bricks.
    6. During the last three years, some honest and conscientious Trinamool MPs and MLAs have joined BJP on their own. At least four MPs have joined BJP. BJP did not call them. More MLAs and MPs are ready to leave Trinamool after the election (after Trinamool bites the dust).

    PM Modi has merely stated this. How does it harm the dignity and decorum? The author seems to rot the commens of anti-Modi hatemongers and repeat it on ISC. He doesn't have an iota of knowledge about West Bengal's present condition. Sorry to say this.

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    After all, Modi is also a human despite being a PM. He too has his own thinking and acting ability. How much a good man can tolerate a bad man's abuses. The opposition leader called him first Chowkidar, and then added and said, "Chowkidar Chor Hai". In every public meeting, that immature guy used it as a concluding phrase. How can this be tolerated by a person sitting on PM's chair? Modi hasn't committed any serious crime. He praised his own government that boldly retaliated the Pulwama attackers. In any case, Modi is far superior to other politicians, in all respects.
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    The politics in our country has now come to a state where allegations and counter allegations are only being seen in this fight. There is no one talking of the agenda or development. The desperate opposition started this sequence by publicly abusing our present PM and then it lead to an avalanche of abuses and allegations. Unfortunately the graceful and brilliant PM took these abuses with a sportsman spirit and changed them in something which made the opposition totally exposed to the public. More the opposition offended, more Mr Modi got the sympathy of the people.

    After a particular threshold PM also started to offend and expose the opposition of their dirty tricks and this is the point at which our educated and wise people started telling that a PM should not come down to that level. But if you cross a water flooded road, your feet will get wet. There is nothing unusual in that. Suddenly the whole country has become conscious that PM has a dignity. So, only PM has the dignity and all others need not to observe code of conduct. It is ridiculous to think in those unwise terms.

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    As far as elections are considered, all are equal. No PM, No CM and No minister. They belong to a party and they are contesting for MP seat from a particular constituency. So whatever Modi is talking, he is taking as a candidate for MP and he is canvassing for other MPs also as a senior leader of BJP.
    The rules and regulations will b the same to all the persons contesting. An opposition leader who wants to be PM after the election can call Modi as a thief but Modi can't call the other person in the same way. What a logic it is?
    Even though he was being attacked by many opposition leaders he maintained a very good decorum and dignity in his speeches. But when they are crossing a limit, his patience will also be lost. We can't blame him alone.
    The rules and regulations should be the same for all.

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    In the past Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Mr.Rajiv, Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao, Mr.Manmohan Singh never used to talk or even use the names of opposition parties. They used to talk about what they are going to do to the people. Actually Mrs.Indira Gandhi and the other people of the party used to think that if they utter names of opposition party they become more popular than themselves. Mr.Modi and BJP only first started creating bad image of opposition leader by calling him with nick names, started creating bad image of the leaders of Independence warriors like Pandit Nehru, Gandhiji. To create his self image Mr.Modi adoring an Independence Congress party warrior like Mr.Sardar Patel has his role model.

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    During the rule of congress no opposition party used derogatory words like chor or chowkidar chor hai or things like that. Today situation is reversed and the desparate opposition is trying best to defame the ruling party without the proof. In that excitement they are even doing contempt of court also.

    The expectations of Mr Modi again coming in power has baffled the opposition to such a degree that they can go to any extent and now there is no ethics left in them and their behaviour is going hephazard day by day.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually yesterdays outburst of Mr.Modi in West Bengal is BJP is going to loose the seats it won in northern states and so they want to compensate these seats in W.Bengal, Odisha and territory states. That is why Mr.Modi is showing his aggression in words leaving decency and decorum of the post he held.

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    In our country, there was a family rule for quite some time and still people are thinking in those terms whether there is some capable person available in that family or not. The present PM has put a very tough bench mark for all the other people who want to become a PM in this country. This has created a fear in the minds of prospective candidates who are not seeing the chances of their becoming the PM for at least the next decade. The charismatic personality of Mr Modi has obscured the other PM candidates in totality which has not only baffled the opposition leaders but the global contemporary democratic communities abroad. This is totally a new scenario in Indian politics and definitely a leap forward for India in the list of developing countries.
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    There should be some norms during the election campaigns because of the politicians go beyond the dignity when they ask for the votes from the public. This was the first time Mr Modi asked the people to vote for the " Balakot air strike" men. This is not good as that's not the way to ask people to vote as by asking it, seems that they did the air strike only to win the elections and not for giving a lesson to Pakistan to stop terrorism. This is low standard politics and one cannot expect it from the prime minister.

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    All those people who are tallking about family rule, that family rule is possible only when you, I and so many others voted for them democratically only it is possible one has to realize. There is no law in the constitution people belongs to one family cannot rule the nation. No other country in the world also has such law. BJP people injected such anti congress theories and hypnotized them to become their bhakts. Mr.Modi has spent Rs.3,755 crores for publicity to hype the image of Modi on media and press in 3.5 years between 2014 to 2017.

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    When every party in a country is busy in alleging each other rather than discussing the agenda for development then it is a difficult situation for the regulatory authorities to decide or give verdict on the code of conduct cases. So, there seems to be an increased base level of accusing and abusing below which everything is exempted. Same thing is happening in our country today that even the SC and EC both are baffled with this situation. It is also said and is a fact that the onus of war goes to the offenders who started this series of abusing and allegations without concrete proof. In fact they should have gone to court with proofs rather than abusing in open platforms. So as you sow so shall you reap is happening in the politics today. Some politicians who are harping on their family tree rather than the abilities are hurt more.
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    Mr.Modi and BJP party as they are picturizing themselves as the most honest party has to come out with their success story of its five year's rule. They have to tell the people in what what things they are able to succede and in what things they failed in their rule impartially. Then what they are going to do in the next if they got elected. But we are not seeing any such thing from Mr.Modi or BJP because there is nothing to tell of their success in public. That is how Mr.Modi and BJP dragging the election campaign into personal and local level.

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    Long ago, Sir Newton taught humanity that every reaction has equal and opposite reaction. Mamata-did along with other opposition leaders forgot that. They thought that they would go on ridiculing and insulting Modi-led BJP, and they won't get anything in return.

    To their lies and malicious campaign against Modi, he only has spoken the truth that 40 Trinamool MLAs are in contact with BJP. The simple truth has caused so much fear and apprehension in the camps of opposition parties!

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Dear All,
    Politicians' talk or speech should never be taken as granted. They shift their stand and speech according to the time, place and situation. While speaking to Army Jawans, they would regret not being a Jawan than a politician. While in a group of traders, they would regret not being a trader. While in Punjab, they would regret not being a Sikh to be brave. While in Tamilnadu, they would regret not being a Tamil.

    Therefore, never trust their speeches, especially during the elections. Just ignore them. Modi is not an exception to that. He too needs to talk and attract the voters to hold his post.

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    Actually PM telling that "we have 40 mla in contact in west bengal" is unethical and not correct and suits to person sitting on position of PM. If we analyse all PM of India, most of them came from congress and all of them had behaved in proper manner and which suits to the respect of positions of PM.
    Our PM Mr narendra modi is telling in common language that we will use make and break politics without any ethics in India. we will make our government in west bengal by hook and crook. we don't follow any ethical rules which follow high moral values.

    For the statement "every action has equal and opp. reaction " is true. This is why mr Rahul Gandhi is telling Chowkidar chor hai slogan. Also, Mr modi and BJP did many times to topple government of many states. So, they may be trying to create uneasy position in west bengal as well.

    High moral values comes from proper education and without proper education people just speak anything without thinking.

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    There is nothing wrong in telling that 40 MLAs are standing behind Modi in West Bengal. While Modi can say that 300 MPs from India are for him, what's wrong in saying 40 Bengali MLAs are going to be with him? It is a method of deception practiced during the election.

    Let the politicians talk rubbish. People should apply their mind to see what is right and what is wrong.

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    Nothing is improper if a person is speaking the truth. It is a common knowledge that many relatively honest and conscientious Trinamool leaders are eager to join BJP. During last one year, at least 4 MPs of the party have joined BJP. And many others are planning to join because they can no longer tolerate Did's jihadi rule. I still don't understand what is unethical about it? The Trinamool MLAs are contacting BJP. It is not the other way round.

    For the context of the PM's comment, I request others to go through my first response to this thread.

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    The political leaders have openly come out against each other and not bothering for any ethics and decorum. So the fight is going on fiercely and opposition is taking every opportunity to malign the ruling party. The ruling party is also giving back the suitable answers based on the policy of tit for tat. So there is nothing unusual in this and the fight will go on like this till election results are declared and people are placed in their deserving places by the gullible public.

    Surprisingly, our educated and so called wise people are the highly confused lot as they are only talking that even if others are making abuses and offences on PM, he should not talk below his level. I am surprised to hear this and not able to understand that suddenly the whole country has become conscious of the dignity of the PM post. If this is so then why at the first place we should abuse the PM.

    If we are so much concerned for the dignity of the PM then the people who are abusing him in open should be kept behind the bars. But no one is talking this and every one wants that PM should only behave gracefully. It is ridiculous. It is simply double standard to talk like that.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In the first place, the opposition leader was abused by Mr.Modi giving nick names .Mr.Modi and Bjp started a tactic of tranishing the images of past Indpendence warriors like Pandit Nehru, Bapuji. From this discussion what we are able realize is Mr.Modi is also a normal leader of present day generation and in no way he is comparable to honest politicians like pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lalbahadur Sastry etc. as picturizing by large number of his bhakts.He also like any other politicians follow unethical norms to keep his position and party safe.

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    Our PM Narendra Modi is known for decent talking and it is rare that he has hurt the sentiments of other parties barring a few instances where he has coming with scathing attacks with the opponents. He achieved his distinction of being the best speaker in the different summits he held in the international - level. Even he got praises from different distinguished leaders including Michel Obama the ex - president of USA for his forceful speeches containing detailed information in the related subjects.
    The latest utterances by him that as many as 40 TMC leaders are in touch with him reflects nothing but a sheer frustration with which is currently facing and it simply signifies that he might have been provoked by his own party colleagues to make such an insensible statement.

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    Who said maut-ki-saudagar in 2007? Who said chaiwallah in 2014? Who said boti-boti karke katenge (cut him into pieces)?

    Does the Member think people have forgotten everything and nobody would point out his lies?

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Now I remember a film titled " Alibaba and his 40 thieves". It is a great film. Since our PM Modi was called Chor, he proves it by adding 40 chors (MLAs) from West Bengal's Didi's party. What a sarcastic speech from Modiji to threaten Didiji!

    These days, political leaders' speeches provide entertainment to the public.

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