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    We waste a lot of time speculating

    "It could have been completely different if you did it in that way" or "Can you imagine what could have happened if you were a little late"? Do you find these sayings common? Yes, we all say these things to others during our course of the discussion. Just the other day I found a mother rebuking her child because he didn't write one answer in the exam in a particular way. She was scolding him and saying how writing the answer in 'that way' could have advanced his position in the academic graph. I do not know how advance he could have gone but for sure he was not thinking of the academic graph that his mother is so much interested in.

    It's always good to have future plans and the mistakes in any of our past activities help us to rectify things in future. But we speculate many things which are not necessary. These speculations are just imaginations that increase our anxiety. If the task doesn't provide the desired result it's necessary to find out what went wrong but there is no point in thinking all day long about what could have happened if certain things went in a different way. We waste a lot of time just by speculating things which are already done. Members, do you agree?
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    Many of us repent on past deeds and speculate that something else would had happened if we had not done like that. This is the irony of our life. We do something and then analyse it as what would had happened in case of alternative action.

    I will also say that it is a misery of our life if we waste so much time in analysing the past events. It is like crying over the spoilt milk.

    I have seen many people who strongly believe in destiny. They also cry in such situations not understanding that when it was destined, why to worry about it.

    Repenting for past and wasting time in it is a common weakness of humans and represents a weak personality.

    Knowledge is power.

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