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    TOW for the weeks 14th April- 20th April’19 & 21st April- 27th April’19 (Winners)

    Judging the best threads may be difficult to the contest organizer or the jury but every author is a better judge of his own post. Wearing the hat of a judge is like a crown of thorns and the ISC is well known for identifying the best threads test-passing all the requisite parameters in any contest. This time also, we are skipping the TOW award for the week 7th April-13th April'19 as no suitable entries are found awarding a prize.

    We are now announcing the Thread of the Week awards for the weeks 14th April- 20th April'19 & 21st April- 27th April'19 together.
    TOW for the week 14th April- 20th April'19
    It is decided to give Special Prize to the following:
    1. A B Sivakumar for the thread - Why do we forget the hand that rocks the cradle?
    2. Neeru Bhatt for the thread - We should always keep a window open in our discussions.
    3. Vij for the thread - Are smartphones and social media making people less productive at workplace?

    TOW for the week 21st April- 27th April'19:
    And the Winner is -
    Venkiteswaran for the thread - Elections can bring smile also amidst all the seriousness and tension

    It is decided to give Special Prize to the following:
    1. Natarajan for the thread - Sincerity, honesty, loyalty - are these qualities outdated?
    2. Dr.N V Srinivasa Rao for the thread - Are we forgetting writing?

    The winner will get 60 pts and 60 c.c while the Special prize carries 40 pts and 40 c.c each. Members, let us greet all the winners.
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    TOW awards are the most awaited awards as members are interested in seeing the assessment of their posts. Now these are announced for the 2 TOWs during Aoril'19. I congratulate all the authors for their outstanding contributions. Well done and keep contributing in ISC. All the best.
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    Congratulations to all the winners and special prize winners. All the winning threads were good. Hope to see good contributions from other members too.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners and special prize winners for the TOW for 14-20 and 21-27 April 2019. Keep it up and best of luck.
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    Hearty congratulations to all the members who have received TOW awards and special prizes for the weeks 14th April to 20th April and 21st April to 27th April 2019. Hope you all receive more awards like this.

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    Heartiest congratulations to all my fellow ISCians who won the TOW award and Special prizes. Well done. Keep up your good work.
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    TOW awards for two weeks announced together. I am happy that one of my threads was considered for a special prize for one of the two weeks. My thanks to ISC for the same. I congratulate all the winners for their excellent work and hope that they will continue their good work and win many many prizes in the coming weeks. I wish all the best to them.
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    I am thankful to ISC for my special award of TOW. I congratulate all the other winners for their respective awards.
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    My congratulations to all the winners of the TOW Awards. It's difficult to judge the best among so many threads, especially when the forum section is always alive with lots of thought-provoking posts and maybe for that reason, the awards are announced a bit later this time too.

    My best wishes to all the members. Keep up your good work.


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    Congratulations to all winners of the ToW for the last two weeks. Many more such awards await them in future.
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    Congratulations winning members for the award. As usual, this is great to see ISC announcing the award for the TOW together. This is a good thing to see. I wish all the best to the winners and look forward their valuable contribution on ISC.

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    Congratulations for all the thread winners. thanks to ISC team for the special prize. Wishing all members the best for future awards.

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