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    Where does modernity start and where does it end?

    There is a totally confusing and irritating idea of what is "modern". In most villages, any dress that does not conform to what is normally worn by men and women is considered "modern". Similarly, Gen Y and the IT crowd would consider every religious practice and culture practice "conservative" and not "modern"

    Is it so? If yes, what is the yardstick? If a 72 years woman would fast the whole single day, in keeping with some festival, and this has been going on for decades, the young fellow comes along chides his grandmother for being stupid and prompts her to "become modern". So, does eating all sorts of junk food, as most youngsters do, conform to the definition of "modern?". Does wearing only sleeveless blouses with saris and mini skirts, simply mean someone is "modern".

    Well, every single woman or even a college girl is perfectly right in wearing such a dress. However, to chide someone else, not wearing similar dresses is not correct. How do we draw a line here?

    When then is "modern"? Members may please come up with their views and observations.
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    Being modern is a misnomer. Just wearing a new fashion dress and talking in english with foreign gestures is not modern. Doing away with our customs is not modern. In this world anything which is done in fashion circles and anything which is against out culture and tradition is thought to be modern.

    This is an unfortunate thing and most of the people are trapped in this web of modernity. My friend told me that some ladies in high circles smoke and it is considered as modern. I could not understand how smoking is considered a modern. So, there are some things which are fundamentally wrong in telling a situation as modern.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If a 60 years old person wears a half pant people call him modern. If a sixty years old lady goes to a love movie we will call her modern. If an 80 years old person keeps on using a smartphone for social media, we will call him modern. So we all think that all these works are modern. We never know the correct meaning of the word modern and we apply to show that we are modern. Whatever we do we feel it is modern.
    Not following the traditions and customs can't be treated as modern. In the same way, the smoking habit is not for modern people. But unfortunately, we feel they are all modern.
    Eating Junk foods, smoking and drinking are bad habits. We can't practice them saying that they are modern habits. Keeping good health, maintaining the physique and maintaining good relations is more important than being the so-called modern.

    always confident

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