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    Pepper and salt is an alternate to tooth paste.

    Why should we spend a lot to keep our teeth clean when we have Pepper and Salt in hand. We watch ads asking "Do you have salt in your Toothpaste? Do you have charcoal in your toothpaste etc?

    In reality, we don't need any toothpaste to brush. Simply take a pinch of table salt and a pinch of pepper powder, and mix it with a few drops of coconut oil. Then brush your teeth with your index finger first, and then with a toothbrush. Just see how your teeth glow and smile.
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    I never knew that salt and Pepper can be used as toothpaste. Thanks to the author for his good suggestion. I know charcoal ash using tooth powder. It will be mixed with salt and will be used as a tooth powder. We were using a tooth powder in our childhood days and during those days we were getting powder from an Ayurvedic medicinal products manufacturing company. That powder we giving very good shine to the teeth. Later on, we stopped using it and switched on to toothpaste. Now we use Patanjali Toothpaste.
    Anyhow the suggestion was given by the author is good. We can implement and see whether there is any

    always confident

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    There are many household and garden items around us which can be used for various purposes like cleaning of body parts, facials, teeth cleaning and shining, cleaning of hairs etc but due to modernisation we have all forgotten those golden things in our life now.

    The author is reminding us to use one such potion for our teethes. I have used charcoal powder wet with mustard oil for cleaning of my teeth when I was a child. We used to wash our hairs and clothes with Reetha (Soapnut) powder. It was very good for hairs. Nowadays we are using luxurious shampoos.

    There was no electricity and in the night either we carried a kerosene lamp or burnt a special bark of a tree which burnt and gave good light.

    Knowledge is power.

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