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    ISC should honour the contest participants with some cash credit

    Dear ISC,
    We members participate in ISC contests with zeal and enthusiasm by sparing our valuable time and energy to win prizes, and also to earn good revenue for ISC. Whereas, ISC honours only the winners and runners up, and also to console a few members with cash awards.

    What I sincerely request and recommend is - ISC should honour all those participating members who could not get a prize, with a token cash award for their good efforts put in to participate in the contest. The amount can vary from Rs. 1 to 20.

    In the past, ME Vandana was caring for the non-winning participants with a cash award of Rs.10/-. Nowadays, it is missing. In a few earlier contests organised by an editor, in spite of my repeated requests, the author of the contest failed to consider my plea.

    We struggled to write a letter to our parents, and also the ebook story writing. I request ISC to bear this in mind and take action accordingly.

    Members, hope you all will second my proposal.
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    Now the ME has become very strict and the rule has been changed. No token appreciations for those who 'also ran'. Not so good for ordinary participants like me.
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    A big Yes to Sun proposal. But I want to tell one thing that If something is not coming in your way it's not yours simply follow the philosophy and take it lightly.
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    Earlier days there was a practice to give some benefit like enhanced point and CCto all the qualified participants as a token of appreciation for many contests. But these days we are not finding that. I don't know the reason. Probably many are participating in the contests and the editors thought except awards no other encouragement is required. Anyhow the request made by the author is good and it will give encouragement to the members and more people may come forward to participate in the same. I also request the Editors to consider the same.
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    I also got a few times this type of cc. Now this is discontinued by ISC. It is good thing if it is revised. In that case the runner ups will also be benefited.
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    It was a good practice as it encouraged and motivated the members time to time depending upon their sheer participation. Anyway it depends on the ISC management to reintroduce it.
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    A good proposal by Mr Sun. Giving CCs to participants, who couldn't win the prize will give them some encouragement but what about the participants whose posts have a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes? In quiz or puzzle, this is fine because members do not have to send anything in writing other than the answers. But in case of contests related to writing there may be a few whose posts contain some errors. By providing CCs to posts that contain some errors will not be able to improve the performance of that contestant. A suitable way may be found by the editors to honour the contestants who participate in a particular contest.

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    It is the award for our sincere participation, not for our good English or writing ability. Generally, ISCians are good at English to an acceptable standard. Moreover, such entries with blunder grammar and spelling mistakes won't win a prize. If required, ISC can consider the deduction of points for the grammar and spelling mistakes and award CC accordingly. The amount thus spent won't be much to account. It would be a peanut feed to a great elephant.

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    Sankalan, I agree with your point that CCs should not be awarded to the posts having grammatical errors but there should be a justification by the editor why was CC not given to that particular post.

    It will be a great idea if the site follow the past rules and give some credit to the participants so that members may get motivated and participate in the contests actively.


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    ISC is not very strict with grammar mistakes. It has some leniency towards mistakes. In the past, I have seen members winning prizes with a lot of grammar mistakes also. To encourage new members, ISC doesn't discourage members for their silly grammar mistakes. Of course, posts with blunder grammar mistakes are never considered for the award of prizes.
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    A good thought from the members' viewpoint. As humans, at any contest apart from the top three prizes, a consolation prize brings some consolation for the other participant/s. Similarly, a cash credit for the contest entries would spark a desire to participate in future contest. But the logistics of taking this decision and how much to award and to how many, only the editors/ISC team would know. Either way, participating should be and will be the key point in contests to make it interesting, some c.c (even though a few rupees) would us happy too.

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    If some posts may not be in accordance with the guidelines, such posts need not be considered for enhanced points and CC. But the other eligible entries can be given CC and additional points. The posts in which there are some spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes can be given a little less than the other entries. There are incidents when some posts which are having spelling and grammar mistakes also got awards for the subject and the content that is in the post. So there are many ways to address the problems. However, all depends on the ISC Management, Webmaster and Editors. Let us hope they concerned will see this post and take a decision.
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    I also agree with Mr Sun's suggestion. Providing cash credit to every participant will really motivate them to participate in every contest. If a member is spending time to write up then he deserves some cash credit.

    I also request the editor panel and ME to consider this request.

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    I second the author's suggestion. Some cash rewards give encouragement to the writers that would be appreciable. In the ebook contest written during Christmas, there was a blunder made by an author while naming the elves of Santa. It won a prize. Selection for the award is up to the editors, so I have nothing against it, but it hurts. Many posts are there which deserve some appreciation in the form of cash, but sadly it's not given.

    I also request the editors to look into the matter and come up with a favourable decision.


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    I will look into this, whether for the most recent contests non-winning participants deserved additional points and/or cc but were not given due to some oversight.

    Shampa - do not bring up old issues, please. Moreover, a clarification was issued about the Christmas e-book contest when you had raised that point at that time, wasn't it?

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    It was not an oversight. In spite of my repeated requests, the contest author showed a deaf ear to my plea. No one bothered it.

    Anyhow, We are pleased with your assurance to look into this.

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