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    How effective to take children to polling booths?

    As I was about to cast my vote in elections as my daughter(completed 2nd class) asked where you are going as I told I am going to the polling booth to cast my vote as she innocently asked that she will come with me as I told there will be huge line standing in front of the polling booth on the hot sun you will get fried and ask her to stay at the home with her mother. How much impact it will be on children when we take them into polling booths when they turn to cast their vote for the first time? Did you ever take the children to polling booths? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the Question.
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    Do you take your child to the police station?
    Do you take your child to the court?
    Do you take your child to a factory where you work under tight security?
    Do you take your child to a place where you go on a strike?

    The polling booth is not a place for children to visit, where the poll official work with tension. If at all, we take them, they will be on the queue holding your hands but will have to part when you get inside the booth to vote.

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    Even though we take our children to the polling booth they will not be allowed inside. We have to leave him outside and then we have to go and cast our vote and come back. My wife, myself and my elder son went together for voting. My one and half-year-old granddaughter started crying and she wanted to come with us. The polling booth is very near and just two houses away from my house. So we have taken her with us. There was no queue. First, my son went inside, voted and came back. Then I handed over my granddaughter to him and I went and cast my vote. The entire process is over just in a matter of 15 minutes. My wife also voted with me and we came back.
    It is not advisable to carry children with us to polling booths as it is risky and they will not allow these children inside the polling booth.
    Generally, we will never saw any voters bringing their kids to the voting area. We have to wait in queue for a long time and it is not good for the children.

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    Children do not have any purpose in the polling booth and its painful for a child to wait in the queue in the hot summer afternoon. The child will cry out of discomfort rather than enjoying the situation. Nobody wants their child to fall ill in the excessive heat and humid weather, therefore, taking children to the polling booth have a negative effect on their health. If there is no option left other than carrying the child with you then others standing in the queue or the security personnel managing the booth has to take care of the child as long as you are inside the booth.

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    Children are supposed to be not taken to polling booth as they are below 18 years and have no purpose to go there. Still, if it is inevitable because there is no one to take care of them in the house then they can be taken and kept with some known people or friends outside the booths and after the voting process can be collected back by the parents. Many people are doing like that.
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