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    Why there is no woman travelling in she shuttle bus?

    As the Women(she shuttle bus) was introduced by the Government for the safety and security of Women those who want to travel in Hyderabad. As the She shuttle bus, are very luxurious bus for seating there are no women found in the shuttle bus as the share autos are very vulnerable to the safety and security of a woman because irrespective of genders will share the common seats in an auto woman are very interested to travel in autos what is the logic behind this I don't know. Its all reverse in Hyderabad. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    There may be many reasons for this. Generally, the share autos will be used by college students and employees in small private companies. SHE Shuttle Buses are less in number and they are not there in all the routes. But share autos are available in all the routes.
    The timings of the buses may not suit many of them. But share autos are available at any point of time and the autos will come to the point based on the requirements also.
    Many share autos charge Rs.10/- per head and all known people from the same college or organisation will get into it. The buses may be charging more as they are luxury buses. As in the auto, all the people are known people only there will not be any problem of safety and security.
    That is why they may be planning to go in share autos.

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    No, It is not at all true that share autos all the people are known.
    Share autos will not come 10 rs per head minimum is 20(for one nearest stop).
    I usually go in share autos and I am reluctant to share a seat with a girl because it is very inconvenient for me.
    If the A/c bus for the same route charges 37 rupees as share auto will charge 40 now it becomes 60.

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    Because women are insecure in she shuttle buses without the men's presence. There won't be anyone to care them in the event of an emergency. Therefore, they consider it safe and secure with the presence of men in general buses and share autos. All women need protection except a few courageous women. Since women are the weaker sex, they always feel insecure without the company of men.

    I may be right or wrong.

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    SHE shuttle bus are fewer in numbers though it provides luxury to ladies. Such mode of transportation has to be stepped up and such buses must touch to almost all the routes of the city. So far, such an arrangement has not been covered and in the cases of urgency, it it would not be bad idea to resort to share accommodation even for the ladies in the day timing when the density of traffic remains at the peak level. Of course, such an option cannot be exercised while travelling to remote areas or it is the odd hours of nights.

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    Maybe the shuttle has a fixed route whereas auto may not be having. Also, the buses have fixed stoppages whereas one can ask an auto driver to stop at any place. Moreover she shuttle buses are for women /ladies only so if they are with the man/boy then they have to board auto rickshaw only.

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    Until unless the number of buses is sufficient and their route suits to the women and girls then only they will prefer it. Presently, they are much accustomed with the autos plying in various routes. So, it will take time for this new thing to establish in a bigger way.
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