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    Unfortunately, my apprehensions are being proved to be correct

    I consider myself a conscious citizen of the country (although some people may not agree). Due to various reasons, I get information on various issues. As I am personally interested in security-related matters, I keep track of relevant news and remember these.

    For the last five years or so, I have been getting information from various sources that all is not well in Kerala, God's own country. In many parts of the state, especially in the northern side, Wahabism has been growing in alarming proportion. On the other hand, in the central part of the state, various illegal and doubtful activities are going on under the supervision of some other religious institutions of another community. I raised some threads on ISC also about the state, being concerned about the security issues, but, unfortunately, most of such threads were promptly deleted or locked. I thought that the Editors are much more knowledgeable than me on Kerala and my concern was wrong.

    But, no! My apprehensions were not wrong. This has been proved today. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested Riyas Aboobacker from Kerala. This jihadi was planning to carry out a suicide attack just like the attacks which took place in Srilanka. This man had close contact with Zahran Hashim, the suspected mastermind of suicide attacks in Srilanka. Day before yesterday, three residents of Kasaragod and Palakkad districts were taken for questioning by the NIA.

    Friends in Kerala! Be very careful and alert. Keep a sharp lookout and inform Kerala Police or better, Central Authorities if you sense something fishy. We have to try our best to avoid terrorist activities in every part of the country.
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    I thank the author for this alert and really appreciate our intelligent agencies for going to the root of problems in some pockets in Kerala state. The security and safety of the people of our country is of the primary importance and any citizen who sees any suspicious activity around his place must inform to the administration immediately.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Thanks, Mr Partha for making us alert. Not only Keralites, but this alert is also for all of the residents in the country. Terrorism is a serious threat to the world and the activities happening in different parts of the world are making us numb. Undoubtedly there is an alert after the recent suicide bombings in Sri Lanka especially in the southern part of the country. The whole country must be alert and it's the responsibility of every citizen to report any suspicious activities taking place in their area. We really do not know whether these activities can be controlled. The situation has reached a point where the whole world must engage in a war against the terrorists.

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    The author has given a good alert which will be useful. Almost all southern states are under red alert. Unfortunately any incident happened anywhere will somehow get connected to one place or the other in our country. That is why we are in a threat always. If the video of Sri Lanka blasting we will understand how people are getting affected by the acts of terrorists. How these people are ready to lose their lives to destruct the society. In this bargain innocent people are losing their lives. Sri Lanka blasts proved that money and unemployment are not the reasons for these terror activities whereas the religion feelings in the people are causing these problems.
    One should be very careful and if any person or persons are moving suspiciously we should inform the police and if any unknown items are seen the same matter should also to be informed to police. We should see that no unclaimed luggage is nearby.

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