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    How to occupy ourselves other than at ISC?

    Many members of ISC are giving much time to it may be 2-3 hours daily and that has become a sort of habit for them. I was just pondering if we have more vacant time then what could be the other ways to keep ourselves engaged creatively. Reading could be one such thing.

    What in your opinion are the other creative things we can try in our spare time other than the usual ISC write ups and contests? Please share your thoughts.
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    I have a very busy job. I have to stay at my workplace up to 10-11 hours and it takes at least an hour to reach home from my office. So I get very little time but whatever leisure time I get I devote it at ISC or in playing candy crush. I am at the 2300 level there. Also when my kids insist on I teach them mathematics as they say they easily understand my method of teaching.

    You may watch news, movies, may play an outdoor game in the park, apart from this you may devote time in gossiping with the neighbouring ladies (kidding).


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    Generally when I am not working in ISC then I will be viewing TV especially news items. Sometimes there is repetition of news and not much interesting developments then I prefer to go to a nearby park where some other elderly people of my age are generally available then we discuss all sort of contemporary happening in our country.

    Out of all the activities I go through, ISC is the most fulfilling as far as the creative pursuits are considered

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    We can read newspapers. We can watch TV news channels.
    I spend sometime on times times of India site where you can make our comments on the news published and they will award points to our comments. The accumulated points can be redeemed for various purchases.
    We can go for walking and we can watch TV or we can read various books and we can start writing on various topics and try to get them published. We can improve our writing skills by writing various articles and publish in different online journals and scientific journals as required.

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