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    What to do when the elected government does not fulfil the expectations?

    This is the election time and every party is making promises and have an agenda that they will fulfil if their government is made but as a common person, I would ask what can be done if the government is made whom you voted but doesn't even think of promises they made before elections. Is there anything we can do or we will have to wait for another 5 years?

    Like Congress has promised to give 7.2k Rs to poor buy if they don't pay after their government is made?

    Shouldn't be an option that the government has to fulfil all its promises done before elections?

    What do you say?
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    The elected Govt is supposed to meet the expectations of the people but there are practical limits to working of any Govt and the expectations in many cases are not met. How to assess the new Govt in that case? The practical thing is to assess it on many parameters and if we find that most of the parameters are covered barring a few then we should be satisfied with it but in the reverse case that the Govt failed on many fronts, we have to give it a downgrade.
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    We do not have many options left other than voting them out after 5 years. Different political parties make promises to garner votes and it has become a trend. If we look into those promises it will be understood to some extent how valuable are those promises. The promise of monetary gain is always a lure to the voters. We must keep in mind that India is a poor country and it is very easy to lure a large section of the population with some promise of monetary gains. This time the Congress is saying that they will distribute Rs 72000 to the extremely poor if voted to power. The BJP promised in 2014 that they will unearth the black money stashed abroad and every citizen will receive Rs 15 Lakh in their bank accounts. I do not know how many thought the promise will be fulfilled, but many understood that it was a poll gimmick.

    There are many developmental projects that the political parties promise before elections which is impossible to fulfil within 5 years. We must look into the overall development, special achievement, agenda for this election and also the track record of the parties on fulfilling its promises before choosing the representatives.


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