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    How much time does it take to read our letters to select the best letter?

    ISC's letter writing {(to our parent(s)} contest.

    The contest was over on April 16.
    Number of participants - 15
    As on date, the number of days passed after the contest - 14

    How much time would it take for the contest editor to read our letters and select the best letters? Justice delayed is justice denied. Results should have been announced one week after the closing date of the contest or latest by the month end, April 30th.
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    Yes, it took a lot of days for editors to read those letters. The result should have been declared by the end of the month. It seems editors have lots of work this month or they are busy on vacations. Hope so they come back to the work soon.

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    I haven't noticed the presence of Mr. Saji Ganesh, the Lead Editor who has arranged this contest, for quite some time. Maybe he is busy in some other work or he is unwell. We should give him some more time.
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    Yes. I have also not seen Sami Ganesh these days. The other editors are also not seen these days. May be they are all busy elsewhere. Otherwise by this time the results might have come. However let us wait for the results.
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    Editors are the volunteers here so we can not be asking them for fast disposals and if they have some other personal work pressing hard then it becomes difficult for them to attend everything simultaneously. So let us wait patiently for some more time.
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    If Editor Saji Ganesh is not well or too busy with his other activities, can't ISC ME off load the evaluation task to some other ISC editors? 14 days for evaluation is too much to evaluate 15 one-page letters.

    Even if a letter takes 5 minutes to read, 15 letters would take 75 minutes to read, To sit, think, evaluate and declare the best, it would take a day or two only. But why 14 long days?

    Dear ISC, you are very strict and quick to delete, but dead slow in declaring results of contests. ISC should set a time frame.

    @ Dr. Rao,
    Kindly spell the name of the editor correctly. ISC won't tolerate misspelling of names, especially of the editors.

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    While I agree that results should be announced within a reasonable time, it should be noted that it is only once in a blue moon that results of a contest may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. We are not dead slow. We are very much alive and active. Be patient!
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