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    Which animal has more memory power?

    As one of my friends says the Dog memory power(remembrance) is having high memory than any other animals. Do animals really have memory power? Which pet animals have the highest memory power? dogs like humans and primates are indeed capable of facial recognition. "Dogs are able to see faces in the images and they differentiate familiar and strange faces from each other," said my friend... Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    I think the dogs really have good power of memory. Dogs are intelligent too. I recall a dog my cousin had. His name was Chikku. He lived for 10 years and died. My cousin has constructed a memorial for him by spending Rs 3 lakhs. On that Memorial, along with its photo on a marble, following is inscribed - " Chikku is sleeping. Don't disturb him".

    Chikku always remembered me. Even when I miss to see him for a year, he would come to me with affection and love.

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    After human being, elephant, chimpanzee, guerilla, dolphin, monkey and domesticated dogs, cats and buffalo have very good memory power. We must not mention only dogs.
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    I must agree dogs have a very good memory power. I still remember an incident that I witnessed during my childhood.
    There was a dog at my house. It had given birth to 3 puppies. After few days when the puppies started walking, one of the puppies died at my neighbour's house, could be some unknown disease. So a small boy who had come to visit his relatives at the neighbour house carried the puppy which was dead and brought it to our house. And the dog felt that the small boy killed the puppy and started chasing him, evenwhen ever the dog saw the boy.
    The boy left back to his native. He visited his neighbour after 2 hours again and when the dog saw the boy, it again started chasing him. So no doubt dogs have a very good memory power.

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    Dogs are also one of the animals having good memory power among the domestic animals. That is why when known persons come to the house of the owner the dog will keep silence. If a new person comes they will make sound. I think in a similar way the cat also will have good memory.
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    It was thought before that memory is related to bigger brain size. But recent research on memory of fish, concluded even with a small brain they can remember a lot of things.
    This has made scientists question what does intelligence and memory even mean. We often quantify animals, taking humans as a baseline. Which isn't particularly effective.

    Elephants have a large brain and remember everything from faces to maps. They are also capable of painting in captivity which shows just how strong their memory is. But elephants have a weak eye sight. Dogs have a better eye sight than elephants but their primary sense organ is their nose. Animals that remember smells have a much better memory power when you ask me. Dogs can map their way home using their keen sense of smell. They can remember faces. If not odor and sound atleast. Since we humans memorize things visually its hard for us to even comprehend such memory power. But we do it in daily basis. I only once tasted a Korean dish. But it still lingers in my mind. All our senses equally contribute to our memory.

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    Different animals have different memory power although dogs, elephants, horses, chimpanzees are supposed to have superior memory. It is true that different senses also contribute to memory and retention of events, smells or faces.
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    It is very true that animals have some memory but it is far inferior to the memory level of the humans. Comparatively it is said that horse is having a good memory.
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