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    Consoling our own minds indicate we have some regrets. Do you agree?

    At times we console our minds by saying different things to ourselves. During the moment of grief, we need consolation and there are friends and family members who console us in different ways. This consolation is quite different from consoling our own minds much later after a particular incident. Remember the story of the fox and the grapes? The fox after trying a lot couldn't eat the grapes which he desired so much at the beginning. When it became impossible the fox consoled its mind by saying that there is no point in eating the grapes since they are sour. It's better to have something that tastes nice.

    Many times after we are unsuccessful to carry out a task we try to console ourselves by saying what has happened has happened for good, otherwise, it could have brought numerous problems. If we closely look into it, we will find there is a regret associated with these consolations. Though consolation heals the mind if you do not have regrets you do not have to console yourself. Any regret affects the mind and makes it injured. Keep your mind healthy and fit so that you do not have to console it every time.
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    When we pursue a task then we have some expectations out of it and that is the main motivation behind our working or being active in that action. Our mind will be always analysing and doing mid course corrections in any thing we pursue or attempt and definitely sometimes we will find that we are not going in a correct direction. This creates a start of a setback in our minds and we feel defeated before the task is completed. Our efforts start losing the earlier sheen and we start consoling ourself that the destiny is the main thing and we should not bother for the unexpected results in our life.

    It is a part of the life and ups and downs are inevitable. We must not regret for these things. Regretting brings weakness in our life and that is a big block in making us attempt further with a new scheme or method.

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    Yes. It happens. When we aim at a particular task some times we will get the desired results and in some cases we may not be able to achieve the target. Sometimes the results are favourable and sometimes they may go other way. When we analyse and see we will find the results we may find that the result is due to our mistake. We will try to downplay the mistakes such times. If it is due to somebody else's mistake we may make it a big issue. But we will have the feeling of guilt in our mind. Afterwards when we think about the mistake we will get consoled by ourselves. If we at least find our fault and restrain from doing the same mistake, then we can say we have learnt the lessons. If we don't do it, we can say we have wasted the chance and we may do the same mistake again.
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    No one can hurt you without your consent. We need to remind this to ourselves. The bad memories keep recurring and upset our mind. In order to get away from the bad memories we need to call back happy memories from the past and paste the same over the bad memory. This will provide some kind of relief to our mind.
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