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    Contradictory informations in internet - do you get confused?

    Internet is a great source of information. Everyone goes here to retrieve some knowledge piece or data for using it in ones work. Unfortunately, sometimes the data might not be reliable or confusing as some sources may not be authentic in their data presentation. Another thing is rules, regulations and other similar things go on changing with time and this may not get reflected in these various sites due to the problem of update. Some sites just keep the old data and do not bother for update or do it after a long gap of time.

    In this situation, how we separate the reliable data from the junk one, is a big problem for the people using net for research and other work. The casual surfers may not observe these things but the serious workers will be at their wits end.

    Do you also get confused in retrieving information from the internet? Please share your experience.
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    Yes, I get confused. For example, I was searching for proper and ideal fruits for diabetes patients. In many internet literature, I read that kiwi and pineapple are good for internet patients, but the dieticians ask not to take these two fruits.

    Internet information on medical issues may not be fully reliable.

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    Internet is flooded with information but it is difficult to get the authentic one to rely on. We often try to search for things on the internet but sometimes we get contradictory and unreliable information from the internet. Often we see things related to health and fruits that can improve or give energy but information from the internet sometimes is useless and unreliable. So, we should cautiously look for things on the internet and cross check it with the authentic sources.
    We get contradictory information from the internet and it is necessary now to verify information obtained from the internet. Mostly information related to health should be cross-checked and I would even suggest only consult experts in related to health and never rely on the information from the internet because it is the matter of our health.

    While we look for information, it is better to check information properly and not get trapped into contradictory and misleading information.

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    The information what we are getting from internet is not authentic. There may be some errors and wrong information will also be there. As such it is the responsibility of the individual to check and recheck the information twice or thrice in different places.
    The internet may be having very old information also. We may have to see the date and the information from the latest date can be seen. The same information from different sources can be compared and seen. If there is a difference it is better to go for the official website and see the information.
    For example if we want any information regarding intermediate education then we should check the official site of that board and check for the latest information.

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