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    In what way igloo houses keep us warm?

    My daughter, who is studying second class, she asked a doubt in her lesson in her Science subject as in olden days people who construct IGLOO houses (HOUSE CONSTRUCTED WITH ICE) in snow also called as snow house. How these houses produce warm those who live in an igloo? It will be too cold. As I was surprised with that and have no answer for this. So my question is how Igloo houses keep warm. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Igloo is an inverted half sphere structure made with snow which works as an insulated structure (snow sheet is an insulator) in the extreme cold and due to the limited heat transfer between the inside of Igloo to outside the inside is relatively warmer than outside and humans can survive inside. The only little heat which leaks out is from the key hole of Igloo from where the people enter inside. The warm radiation from the bodies of humans is trapped inside.

    In extreme cold the outside temperature goes down to as low as -40 degree centigrade while the inside will be remaining in the range -7 to 15 degrees. So this is a type of insulated capsule in the ocean of snow in cold places.

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    Snow crystals fall on each other and make a lump of ice crystals. it is a collection of the crystals with air-filled gaps. If equal volumes of snow and ice are taken and weighed we will find the difference in the weights. The snow will weigh less as it is less dense.
    The insulation provided by the snow is known as Igloo effect. This insulation effect is due to the air pockets in snow crystals. They will keep the temperature from dropping below zero degrees. But the inner walls require some maintenance as the snow on the inner wall melt due to radiation and conduction of heat from the humans as well as from animals also.
    Igloo effect exists only in sub-zero temperatures but not at high temperatures. The temperatures are relatively higher inside than outside. If outside it is minus 5 degrees centigrade, the temperature inside maybe around 0 degrees centigrade but can't be 10 degrees centigrade.

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    Yes for the kids it may be surprising as for them snow means cold then how can be houses made by snow keep us warm. Here is the reason for the same:
    Igloos are made up of blocks of compressed snow. The compressed snow has air trapped in it and the air is a bad conductor of heat. Hence, the heat given off by our body does not get lost from the igloo.


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