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    Imagine there are no software jobs in India!

    If there is a slump in the software sector at the international level there is a huge unemployment problem in India(As Multinational companies sack several employees) as imagine there is no software sector or Software Jobs in India. What will be the result? Suicide cases will be increased and unemployment will be huge. Everyone looks for a government Jobs all types of issues will come into the picture. Imagine if there are no Software jobs or Software sector what will be the next option for India to provide employment jobs for young people.
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    When our country got independence, there was a huge requirement of skilled and educated people to participate in building the nation quickly from a shattered state to a developing one. This need was identified by the leaders at that time and soon a large number of Govt departments, organisations and public sectors were formed which absorbed a large number of work force and executives and the credit goes to the efforts of all those individuals that India soon started looking up with great hopes for future. At that time it was thought to be the Govt only responsible for providing jobs to the people and it was admirably successful in that respect.

    With liberalisation of businesses and globalisation the Govt responsibility shifted from job providing to providing a conducive environment for business and people will get job in private sector as per their qualification and capabilities. Today Govt jobs are dwindling fast and those who want to get a job have to try only in the private sector.

    So if the software jobs dwindle the persons affected will have to try for other jobs in private sector from office assistant level to manager or above. So the myth that Govt will give us a job on the platter is no more there.

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    If there are no software companies and if there are no jobs in that sector, it will be difficult for a person to get jobs. Government jobs will be less and reservations will also be there. As such the chances for merit students will come down. Major IT industries are in the private sector and there are no reservations in the private sector. So people with merit are getting jobs in these industries. By any chance, if these gates get closed the people will suffer a lot. The financial position of individuals and the country will suffer a lot. The government can't show alternative jobs to all the youth and they will be in difficulties to lead their life. The jobs in other sectors will become less for the number of people looking for a job. So there will be a big demand and companies will take advantage and offer fewer salaries and exploit the situation. It will be difficult to imagine a situation where there are no software jobs.
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    Lack of jobs in Software domain is not the end of the road. Software is one of the Industrial sector among many. We need to look for alternative opportunities. There are areas in which the Company's are finding shortage of Manpower. There is shortage of skilled manpower in Manufacturing and service sector.
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