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    Cannot we survive without telling lies?

    Many people tell lies. Some do it habitually while others resort to it in certain situations. Sometimes it becomes inevitable to tell a lie whether you like it or not. Telling lies does not mean that people will not make out about it. But we do not bother for that as the immediate problem is somehow mitigated.

    The question is can we manage without telling lies in our life. Is it necessary to tell lies when we otherwise can circumvent it with better ways. Children also learn telling lies when they see us doing that and they continue these traits later in their lives.

    What is the opinion of the members on this? Is it necessary to tell lies?
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    Sometimes due to the delicate situation people resort to lies though they are not habitual liars. It is not a good thing to tell lies but sometimes it helps to avoid embarrassment and one can escape the inconveniences also. I agree that we should avoid telling lies as far as possible.
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    In this complex world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage speaking only the truth. Even if we don't tell lies, sometime, we have to suppress some facts to survive. I have not seen anybody who speaks all the truth without suppressing facts.

    So, nowadays we hear a new term: "Being economical with the truth". This means that a person is not telling lies butt not clearly mentioning each and every fact.

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    It is difficult , but definitely possible to be truthful. The person who tells lies always lacks credibility. The image of a person is decided based on his credibility. When you say a lie you may have to follow that lie with many more lies. Therefore it is always better to be truthful.
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    These days people are habituated to tell lies.Even for small issues also people talk lies only. But we should not tell lies as far as possible.
    When an employee asks for a leave saying that his grandmother died, the boss ask him how many grandmothers you have. Last month you have taken a leave for the same reason. Such are the cases these days.
    It is not difficult to live without telling lies. Only few people are practicing it. If we know that a person tells lies we will never take him into confidence. We will never rely on him.

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    Speaking lies is completely not a good thing to do. We should avoid telling lies as much as possible. A person speaking lies loses confidence from people and no one trusts such a person. It is not that we can't live without lies but people have made it a habit to tell lies and develop distrust with each other.
    Speaking truth is a great thing to do. One who is not afraid of speaking the truth will never speak lies. And it also needs the courage to speak a truth. The person who often tells lies loses credibility among masses and nobody trusts such a person.
    So, we should always be sincere and speak the truth without being afraid of anything. We should speak the truth in every situation whether in favour or against us. It seems difficult to do but results would be great! Everything will be in favour of a truthful person's favour and people will respect him.

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