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    Human compassion at its best

    Of late, a large number of activities of voluntary organizations are increasing by leaps and bounds. The famous temple festivals in the Amman temples at so many places, one actually tends to think, were the outcome of loud thinking of elders who sought to bring about peace and harmony in the State. It does seem that such festivals are celebrated not only in Tamil Nadu, but in parts of AP and Karnataka as well. Sometimes, there is animal sacrifice in the form of sheep and goats and makes the pure vegetarians run one hundred meters from such venues. Apart from this single issue, the intermingling of various people of all castes and communities and religions has to be seen to be believed.

    Food is prepared at various places and distributed to lakhs of people. Voluntary donations from the rich traders runs into lakhs of rupees. The Lord is taken in a procession and some special Pooja is also done. None of the devotees goes without food as it is prepared and distributed by hundreds of families in bulk. It is human compassion at its best. Do you have such festivals in other States? Well, the hundreds of shops sell goods worth at least sixty lakh rupees catering mostly to lower middle class people.
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    Now a days food donation daily at the places of worship has become a common activity. I have visited many temples in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana , Kerala and Tamilnadu. In all the places of worship in these states food distribution takes place.
    In Hyderabad near our house there is a Balaji temple. In this temple once in a month Kalyanam will be performed. On that day many people will come to the temple. Food will be made and will be distributed to all people. There will be a big procession and all the people donate rice. There is no animal sacrifice. The devotees will donate various food items.
    One way it is ver good that poor people are able to get good meal free of cost. Giving food to the people who are very hungry is the best donation one can make.

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    Feeding the hungry is definitely a noble deed that amounts to compassion. But, when something is done as a ceremonial tradition and the people who are being fed are devotees, then it is not an act of compassion, it is more of a ritual, based on beliefs and compulsions.

    It is good that people donate money. I remember, my parents donating money for Ram Lila, Janmashtami and Durga Puja etc., every year, even though we were not Hindus. There were door-to-door collection campaigns and the minimum 'chanda' (donation) was pre-decided. The community had big celebrations, there used to be a 'langar' (free food) and, of course, cool drink stalls and prasad, which was made in ghee and filled with dry fruits and nuts.
    People donated, not out of compassion, but more out of obligation. There is a difference in an act of compassion and something done at an organised festival.

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    Serving food to hungry people is a benevolent activity. One such temple I have visited is Dharmastala which near to Mangalore. Food is served to thousands of people every day. Everyone whether rich or poor all seated together and served food. This service has been going on the in the temple for the last several decades.
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    These food donation activities thrive on the religious beliefs and functions. These activities are present everywhere in our country and mostly are held in the temple premises or nearby halls. As these are related to religious rituals and practices, they get good donations raised from the rich and other business people. Though such activities can not be termed as purely helping the poor but to some extent people are benefited by it. It is more of a religious solidarity rathe than feeding the poor.
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    We will find that many temples in India serve food to the poor. Not only to the poor but also to everyone who visits those temples during that time. This is going on for years and there are many temples that started following this practice. Compassion cannot be out of any religious compulsion which is witnessed in these activities rather it must come from individuals willing to feed the poor.

    It is true that many people are coming forward these days to feed the poor and hungry in different ways and Community fridge is one such initiative. I have seen communities and NGOs donating foods to poor during special occasions and they are doing it just to help the needy.


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    Yes, here in Delhi people do Bhandaras on Shivratri and Ram Navmi and feed food to poor. On Makar Sankranti, people donate money and eatables. It's a sort of satisfaction and happiness we feel while doing such activity.

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    It is definitely a noble idea to provide food free of cost to the people visiting the holy places. It is heartening to note that the Golden Temple of Amritsar is the pioneer in providing free lunger at any time the pilgrims drops in and free food is meant for all regardless of religion and belief. No doubt, the philosophy of prabandhak - committee is unique in the sense that thousands of people are engaged in different chores of activities such as coking foods shift wise, making chapatis or vegetables and some ladies are engaged in vegetable cutting and cleaning of plates etc thus streamlining the noble cause of the Temple. Balajee Temple Hyderabad and Jagnnathpuri Temple Puri are actively involved in the noble mission by providing foods to the poor. Let us sustain this noble cause of feeding the needy and starving people and let people know that India never lags behind in serving ailing humanity.

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