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    Salt mom pepper pop.

    Salt and pepper are two important ingredients in food preparation. We rarely find any food which does not contain salt and pepper. The taste of a food is determined by the proportion of salt and pepper which you add during the preparation of any food. If the mix of salt and pepper is in equal proposition the food will be tasty. Otherwise one can imagine the outcome. The great cooks know the importance of the salt and pepper.

    Mom can be compared to salt and pop to pepper. There is a proverb in Kannada which says there is no relationship above Mom and no taste above salt. No food can be tasty without salt. Similarly Mother's love cannot be replaced.

    Father is like pepper. He is bit pungent and disciplined which is required for a disciplined life. Like wise the equal proportion of salt and pepper is good for health. The combination of Salt and pepper is like perfect mom and pop conjunction.

    This post is for the TOW contest- Salt and Pepper
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    The author has given a very good comparison between salt and mother. You can make any food very effectively but if there is no salt, you can't enjoy the taste. Same is the case with the love of the mother. Many people may show love towards you but the love and affection of the mother will be different and special.

    The author should post the link of this post in the contest post and in this post also he has to mention that this is for the contest. and to be linked. Otherwise, it will not be considered for the award, I think.

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    Interesting post by the author comparing the mother and father to these two table top items. In a house mother is the most important person who keeps the whole house in cheerful mood by providing everyone the basic needs of food and affection. She is very important like the salt.

    On the other hand father has a different role and has to be a bit strong in its effects like pepper.

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    A very interesting post on the roles of papers and aptly linking it with the ToW topic. I have enjoyed this post.
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    The author has put up a nice analogy between salt and pepper to mom and papa. The difference between the properties of salt and pepper is well illustrated as the difference between mom and papa.
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    Exactly like salt and pepper both discipline and love are important for the kids to grow well. And it's good that both father and mother have these qualities. I remember in my childhood it was different as my mother used to teach us the discipline and my father used to love us and try to hide our mistakes from our mother.

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