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    RG's citizenship is in trouble again

    In 2015, someone filed a petition regarding RG's dual citizenship. It was rejected by the court as there was no evidence to prove it.

    Prior to RG's nomination in Amethi, someone raised an objection regarding his citizenship. The Election Commission said that EC was not a competent authority to investigate his citizenship, and cleared his nomination.

    Now, Dr. Subramanyaswamy has taken up the case with the Home Ministry to investigate his dual citizenship.

    RG has been sent a notice by MHA to submit his explanation about his British citizenship as mentioned in his annual return of a British company where he was a director within 15 days.

    What do you foresee?
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    As per Indian law one can not have dual citizenship. If one is citizen of other country then he has to forego the indian citizenship and surrender the passport also. He will be considered only a person of Indian origin and will not have any voting right or any right here in India.
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    RG is getting disturbed these days like this. Swamy is troubling him with points like this. He is wasting a lot of time in this type of issues and not able to concentrate on election campaign. Finally he may get clearance but the timing only bothering him. But one thing is sure that his advisors and aids are not doing sufficient homework to see that RG is not in troubles.
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    Once a mistake may be a typo, Twice a mistake is a blunder, Thrice is not a mistake or blunder, but intentional and real. RGs citizenship as British cannot be a typo in two subsequent annual returns. Finally, he is stated to be a British in a third document when the company was dissolved. RG need to give three different explanation for three different documents. Did he cheat the British by saying he is a British and not Indian, or he cheats India by being a British/Italian?
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    Recently I was also hearing this news on FM. I don't think he has dual citizenship because everyone knows that one cannot fill the nomination even RG knows it. This is just to trouble him mentally. Let's see what's true and what's not. Let it be investigated first.

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    He may not be a British, but he cheated the British by declaring he was a British. Anyway, a duly justified explanation will be required from RG to prove his citizenship.
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    Do we need citizenship for becoming a Director in any company of any country? If you don't know than check the rules of India, where you can make director from any country.

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    Surely Rahul,
    A guy from British cannot work in India claiming that he is an Indian and fill the column nationality as Indian.

    In India, If you are from UP, and work in Kerala, what would you fill in the column against the state of your origin or mother tongue? Will you write as UP/Hindi or Kerala/Malayalam? No true patriotic Indian would ever write their nationality as British or Italian or German in any official document.

    Daal me kuch kaala hai, Rahul.


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    This is an old issue that surfaces intermittently over the last few years. From what I understand, if one is a dual citizen, then it would be an offense to travel on Indian passport after acquiring other nation's citizenship. This breaks a few rules laid by the Indian passport act. Why would anyone risk such legal misadventures, especially a prominent public figure like Mr.Rahul Gandh who would have clocked many international travels? Let's see what the replies are to the MHA query.

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    My simple question is: Is dual citizenship allowed in India? If not, will the candidature of Raul Vinci get canceled? In that case, where will Vinci-baba go? Italy or England?

    Please answer these relevant questions.

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    I will like to reiterate that dual citizenship is not allowed as per the Indian law. As an Indian citizen one can be a NRI but as soon as he gets the citizenship there he becomes a full fledged citizen there and will be recognised of Indian origin. So this case will progress on these premises.
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    The Ministry of Home Affairs on the basis of a complaint received from Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy, a Member of the Rajya Sabha, has sent a notice to Mr. Rahul Gandhi seeking clarification about his citizenship issue within two weeks. This is the way the MHO is functioning in the country. A similar appeal was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2015. The MHO kept mum all these days in this regard and now issues a notice. It could have conducted an independent investigation into this matter and confronted Mr. Rahul Gandhi if there is any substance. Now that they have asked in all their foolishness, the matter will be decided once for all for the satisfaction of Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy and the BJP bigots. The issue of the educational qualification of Mr. Rahul Gandhi was once for all cleared by the Election Commission of India recently much to the consternation of the BJP bigots. Let us wait and see for another fifteen days to know the truth once for all.
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    It is a clever move of BJP and Swamy. Since BJP is in power, they did not take up this issue very seriously. But Dr. Swamy was patiently waiting for the right time to make his tactical move against the Gandhi family. Even the Returning officer of Amethi must have been asked to handle RG's nomination issue carefully as it would disrupt the election in a big way.

    Now time is ripe to eliminate RG from politics quoting his dual citizenship. If the Home Ministry and Judiciary act judiciously, Mr. RG will have his days. Even if Congress tries to form the government, RG cannot become PM.

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    "The issue of the educational qualification of Mr. Rahul Gandhi was once for all cleared by the Election Commission of India"--------------------Does anything get cleared once and for all? Who has got the degree? Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci? Can anyone get MPhil degree without Graduation?

    Similarly, much more explanation is needed in the citizenship issue of Vinci-Saab. The legal advisors of Vinci-Saab could not answer satisfactorily when an independent candidate took up the matter with the election officer of the constituency. Sensing the problem, Dr. Swamy has again taken up the issue. It is far from solved 'once and for all''.

    Age age dekhiye hota hai kya?

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    Everyone is equal before law. Whether it is Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi. But the action of certain authority and people creates doubts in our mind. The letter was written by Subramanya Swamy during the year 2015. Why the concerned department taking action after four years?. Action should be taken as per the rules in a reasonable time. The timing of the action makes us to suspect the intentions.
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    Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?

    I strongly oppose this comment by our respected member partha K...........Who can't bear his own wrong name but he is using intentionally the wrong name for mr Rahul Gandhi. Editor should take a note of it.

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    Fortunately, I have got only one official name, unlike the case of Raul Vinci saab!
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    The MHA has sent a notice to Mr Rahul Gandhi asking his clarifications about the citizenship issue. Why this issue resurfaced just during elections? Once the foreign origin of his mother Ms Sonia Gandhi was a hot topic during elections and many political parties had reservation over it. With time, that topic is forgotten now. Now it's the turn of Mr Rahul Gandhi. Many allegations come up only during elections and media houses try to focus things in such a way as if something serious has happened. If at all Mr Gandhi has dual citizenship, action will be taken against him and his candidature according to the laws of the land.

    Why we, the common men, keep on harping on the same issues knowing fully well that mud-slinging is the tactics of every political party? The same topic came up for discussion just a few days earlier and again it is discussed here knowing that there will be no conclusion. Are we so peeved by the reports circulated by different media houses?


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    Why are we at ISC for? We are here to discuss anything and everything that is of interest to us, our society and the nation. How can we maintain silence keep quiet on such national isses pertaining to leaders, that too about the tall and reputed leaders who are trying to be the rulers of our country?

    How can we tolerate a leader with immature speech, false promises, dual citizenship, fraudulent educational qualification, financial criminals on bail, a leader who contempts the court, etc

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    The real name of RG is Raul Vinci as per his educational certificate. Don't you know this simple name of Rahul Gandhi which is being discussed worldwide?

    It is not an objectionable name but his Original Italian name.

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    Well, Mr Sun, I do appreciate your viewpoints in the reply @ #664010. When you cannot tolerate a leader, simply do not vote for her/him.

    I think, in ISC, you will find only the views of the members which will not quench your thirst for the interest. To know the perfect answer, better wait for the reply or verdict of the judiciary.


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    Let things be here or there, in parliament or judiciary or at sea. We have a free ISC forum to post, respond, ask, answer, respond, counter-respond, clarify, etc. Let us keep ourselves busy doing something at ISC.

    Indeed, through such political discussions, we are enhancing our political knowledge to a great extent.

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    With a little surprise & what I am still not able to get is about why so much delay on behalf of the concern party for their clarifications?

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    Rahul Gandhi assumed the pseudonym Raul Vinci for security reasons after the assassination of his father Mr.Rajeev Gandhi. He completed his studies with this pseudonym while studying at Rollins College in the USA. This information is available on the internet to anyone who cares to know the fact. Mr. Subrahmanya Swamy knows this fully well. Anyhow all the facts will come out soon.
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    But is he carrying with the same identity still is what this episode is all about. Show them the papers & be relieved rather than raising questions to the varied institutions.

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