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    Linking the articles

    I am in the process of writing a few articles. Each article is interconnected. My point is when I submit the first article then it won't be possible to link it with the rest of the articles which would be submitted later. So, how to link the first article with the articles following it? Can I edit and link an article after it's published?

    Kindly clear my doubt and allow me to learn how to link the first article with the rest articles.
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    As per my understanding articles can be linked to each other when they are published after approval. One has to use the HTML tags to link them by placing a highlighted text in the articles anywhere appropriately so that when the reader clicks on that he reaches the other article.
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    You can interlink every article. Follow the following steps:
    1. Submit your first article.
    2. Write the second article. You can link your first article here. To link the first article, go to the resource section and in my article, you will find your article. Open the article and copy the link. You can interlink this article. Now, submit your second article.
    3. Now, open your first article and edit it, copy the URL of the second article and link it to the first article.

    Once your articles are approved you would not be able to edit it. To edit an approved article, you have to post a thread in the forum section requesting for the same.

    So, edit your article before approving it.

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    If there is a set of interconnecting articles related to the same/similar topic, then I would suggest that you could write all of them at one go and submit them together on the same day. That way, you can right away interlink all of them. The alternative is to request the editors to unlock the article which is already approved so that you can put in the requisite link to the later article(s). However, this option would be more tedious as then you would need to get each article unlocked, if submitting them individually on different days, then wait for editors to again review them.

    Of course, if an article is still in the new submission stage, the article would be unlocked for editing and you can still interlink it to other articles before it is reviewed and approved.

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    Thanks to all of you to make me learn how to connect the very first write-up with the series of writings. I doubted whether it is allowed or not to edit an approved article. Now, it's clear. Thanks again.

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