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    If work is worship then why to escape from it?

    It is said that work is worship. Many of us fully believe in this doctrine. Working is the only way to engage ourselves, enlighten our life and progress ahead. That is why it is compared and placed equal to worshipping.

    Still, some people have resistance or reluctance to work. They will avoid it on one pretext or other. This could be termed as laziness also.

    When working is such a great aspect in our life then why some of us shirk from working?
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    So far as work is concerned, many people are atheists. They absolutely don't want to worship. So,.....
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    "Work is worship" is the great proverb. Work is our duty and we should not expect rewards. Reward comes automatically. The sad part is that majority of the people do not follow the spirit of the proverb.
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    Work is worship. But how many people worship God sincerely. Everybody will go to temple or church or other places of worship. But how much concentration they are showing in worship. Going to temple and praying God is also casual. So work is also casual these days. So work is worship.
    One has to perform work for his livelihood. without work simply sitting and spending time is very difficult. We will become lazy. We will have to take pride in our work. If somebody says you have done a good job, you will feel very happy. If we do our job like a pooja with proper ways and you will be successful. So work is worship is a great proverb which we should follow with utmost care and devotion.

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    An interesting thread by the author. There are two possibilities when people do not work. Either they do not have anything to do or they do not want to do. Those who do not want to do is not serious and always busy finding faults of others. Those who haven't found a job despite the required qualifications must try harder. I have seen there are many who try to evade responsibilities thus avoid the work and there are a lot who do not work because they want their demands to be met. They are militant trade unionists and will never listen to others excepting their leaders. They will not work and will not allow others to work. To them either work and worship are meaningless, or they carry an equal meaning.

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    Many people escape from work due to various reasons and situations. Some are born escapist while some escape as per the situation and also due to the limited returns in some of the endeavours. So such people are basically opportunists and will only work when the returns are commensurate to their expectations.

    Laziness or reluctance to work is also a trait found in some people and though they think that they should work but due to inherent resistance their interest subsides soon and they become reluctant to do anything. This is a strange human trait and requires a lot of counselling and psychological support to get it changed to a dynamic regime.

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