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    Use of Plastic - Threats of Pollution and harm to the environment

    Plastic has become a dangerous pollutant of environment. The use of plastic has increased manifold, like water bottles, packaging, beverage bottles etc., People throw these bottles as they like everywhere. These plastic items does not degenerate by itself. As such the toxic pollutants of the plastic is damaging the environment.

    What is the alternate to plastic?. How can we reduce the use of plastic?
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    We are all surviving earlier days without plastic. Even today we can survive without plastic. But unfortunately due to our laziness and take it easy policy only all these problems are happening. When you go for vegetable purchase you can carry a cloth bag and collect vegetables in that bag. The bag can be reusable. Similarly when we go for provisions store also we can go with a cloth bag and collect items in that bag. Earlier days we were using paper bags for parking the items. The same method can be brought back.
    We can use clay pots, clay glasses for drinking water. We can use metallic buckets and mugs for bath room usage. Like this we can minimise the use of plastic if we are really interested. Go for the material which can be reprocessed or recycled. Don't use only once use material.. This will reduce the use of plastic and we can help the environment

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    Alternatives are there but people are so used to plastic that it seems they like plastics the most. Jute is one such alternative. Nowadays many stores and shopping malls provide non-woven bags to the customers to carry the items. These non-woven bags are recyclable and friendly to the environment. As Dr Rao has already suggested it is always better to carry our own bags while going to the vegetable or grocery shops for purchasing regular consumables.

    The use of plastics is not limited to carry bags, it is used to store beverages, drinking water and even edible oils. Earlier bottles of medicines were made of glass, nowadays plastics are used widely. Alternatives are there, though the cost may be little more. Strict laws should be implemented and more thrust should be given to manufacturing materials alternative to plastics.


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    Plastic is used in so many places in so many variants that it seems a herculean task to get rid of this evil from our life. People are realising its adverse effect on their health and environment still there does not seem to be a combined will to get rid of it.

    There are many substitutes for plastic though most of them are a costlier proposition and that is a reason why many people and business houses are shying away from them. Paper bags are good substitute for plastic carry bags but they are not getting popular with the regular shoppers. The best thing is to take our own cotton bags for shopping and many people have started doing that in a regular fashion.

    Good quality plastic should not be thrown out in garbage. It has many usages in the household and can be used to line the racks etc especially damp and wet places. It will be required to face this problem with collective efforts of the society rather as individuals.

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    This is an alarming problem of gigantic dimensions and is a threat to our environment and ecology. The animals are becoming extinct one by one and the time is not far when human race will start struggling for the survival. It is high time that the people should cooperate in all the environment friendly endeavours and participate in good activities like avoiding the use of plastic material and engaging in activities like plantation and keeping the environment cleaner. A combined effort can definitely help in reviving the mother nature to its past glory.
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    Plastic has become an essential part of our life. We cannot survive without the products made up of plastics still we can minimise its use by substituting plastic with something else. Use of polybags can be stopped, use of plastic water bottles can be minimised. Similarly, there are many other plastics made things which we can stop using them. Whenever we buy fruits or vegetable from a seller he gave it in a poly bag we can stop it by taking our jute/cloth bag.

    Plastic is a none decomposable substance which creates pollution. Therefore we must ban its usage so that it's demand and production can be reduced. Plastic made things can be avoided once they are not bought they won't be available in the market. We should not throw plastic bottles anywhere as causes pollution. It's noticed that people go to hill stations and throw water bottles here and there which don't decompose with the time and stays there for years and causes harm for flora and fauna. Therefore we should take an oath to minimise its use.


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    If a suitable replacement of plastic (which is lighter, cheaper and more convenient than plastic) is invented, use of plastic will go on increasing day by day. No campaigning can change this terrible trend.

    The scientists/technologists must understand this simple truth.

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    There are many alternatives available for plastic. But awareness among the people is very poor. Government of India has issued a notification on Plastic Waste Management Rules during the year 2016 . But these rules are not being enforced strictly.
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