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    An instructor who beats and reprimands understudies are all the more minding is it valid?

    As in my school days, I told to my friends that teacher always scolds me and beat me you people are very lucky then my friends told that teacher is more affectionate and more caring. As they are cracking a joke or serious I don't really understand. An instructor who beats and reprimands understudies are all the more minding is it valid?. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    I would request the author to properly write the thread to make it meaningful. While members can guess the meaning of the thread from the title, the content must be meaningful. What do you mean by "If the teachers are scolded.........."? Who are scolding the teachers here?

    A teacher who frequently beats and scolds the students indicates that she/he is intolerant. It's not so easy to become a good teacher and it needs a lot of patience to handle students. Beating and scolding students in front of others make them feel different which can negatively affect their progress.


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    How did you feel when your teacher scolded and hit you? Did you feel loved or did you feel humiliated? Were you scared of the teacher? Did the scoldings and beatings motivate you? Did they improve your academic performance and better your overall behaviour?

    Anyone, who uses authority to intimidate others cannot be seen in a good light. There is nothing virtuous in scolding or hitting a child. A good teacher is one who guides and motivates. Thein reference teacher was using their power over you. They perhaps found it easier to discipline you through fear, rather than showing you the right way.

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    In earlier times, it was very common for the teachers to beat and scold the students. That was supposed to be their prerogative. I still remember my school days where some teachers were famous for their beatings as they continued beating to a particular student for 5-10 minutes. It is unbelievable but true.

    Today the situation is changed much. The teacher can not take such liberty as parents and school administration will be against him in such matters. Now it is believed that a teacher should not offend the students and rather try to motivate and encourage them and guide them in a way as they progress in their studies and succeed in life.

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    Disciplining the students is not bad. It is the duty of the teachers to discipline the students and inculcate moral values in them. Excessive discipline results in problems.
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    It is the duty of the teacher to discipline the students. Generally, they will try all other means to discipline them. Finally, only they will resort to beating. If the teacher has patience he/she will try to motivate the students and try various other methods also. In olden days teachers used to punish students who are not faring well in the studies and the punishment is so severe that he will never resort to bad practices. Earlier days pupils used to have fear for their teachers.
    These days are different. No teacher can beat any child. If it happens the teachers have to face the music. From all sides, he will receive. No one will support. So the teacher's mentality is changed. They are also just doing their duty and keeping mum.

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    Teachers should not go for extreme measures while teaching and guiding the students. Beating and scolding will not help and it will only create an inferiority complex in the minds of the students. Too much scolding will make them introvert. Teachers should use proper educational and psychological methods to encourage and motivate the students.
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